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  1. Same here. I would be arguing warranty even though they are on perishable items. 5k is not realistic lifespan.
  2. New Firmware 590

    Yep, and they can ignore those comments as well
  3. New Firmware 590

    That, for me, is what they should be doing. I have no update yet, but not queried my local dealer as I have kind of given up on Renault (not the dealer). It really is a kick in the teeth for no Android Auto (I really want Waze on the display and not have to pin my mobile up to the dash) and then better offers on top which we are shafted on. Especially as I got 1 single map update. What did the CS manager say? That they'd take it for approval? I was promised that after the update I'd get at least 1 more map and I will hold them to that come hell or high water!! I actually want the bloody system to stop constantly telling me my subscription has expired. I know, it expired 6 months ago and I am NOT renewing so it should not carry on the nag.
  4. Renault Easy Connect

    Coming months. How does that relate to the BS about the imminent RLink update release? Likely 5 years away
  5. New Firmware 590

    What's the phrase with brewery in it? Also arse and elbow spring to mind
  6. Sat nav question

    You are entering incorrectly. First 3 or 4 then a space for the remainder. So your postcode will be entered as HU8 0EJ
  7. New owner questions

    My offside rear drops pressure in the cold weather. It could be that the tyre is not seated correctly, that valve is not correctly seated or sealed or indeed yo have a slow puncture. Either way, I a carry a battery pump in the boot in case I need more pressure (has happened upon returning to car parked at airport after a week away)
  8. Which one did you plump for? TBH, the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is nice, but the cost markup is for the brand. Also, in Netherlands (where my Boss is) the car buying and tax breaks are much more friendly in this area. Also, the recharge infrastructure is brilliant with offices having recharge stations all over.
  9. Indeed, I am keeping an eye on the market. Kadjar will then be 3 years old and time for a trade I feel. Hybrids are starting to get to the point of usefulness (Although my boss has a Porsche hybrid and gets 25 km out of the battery before the V6 kicks in :)) Looking for something that can get a good distance on the battery, and I thik by then we'll have something and the infrastructure that allows me to make the switch
  10. They've been stating this for 8 - 12 months. Complete lies. A software release has a schedule. The fact that the tech support are having to bull their way about shows the total lack of professionalism of Renault in this department
  11. This is exactly what I wanted from auto. The refusal of Renault to allow a back port from a brand new 14 month old car is truly frustrating. I could understand if the model was on the market years before I bought, but it was a new model and as such should be supported. The expectation of this should have been on Renault's radar when they designed the Rlink2 into the Kadjar. The fact that they did not is, in my opinion, abhorrent for a manufacturer. I plan to rotate mine in a year or 2 for a hybrid. That will nOT be Renault. Even though I love the Kadjar to drive, the lack of future proof support has driven me away from them as a manufacturer
  12. Looking to buy a Kadjar auto

    Personally I have no faults, others have. RLink2 is bug ridden, but usable once used to it. Tyres wear quickly so expect <20k miles out of all 4. Burns oil at the rate of about 1Ltr per 7k miles Other than that mine has not missed a beat
  13. Seat condition

    Mine is April 2016 and 18k miles. I might drop it into the dealer for a review
  14. Seat condition

    Yep. That's exactly what's happened. I seem to sit to the right and catch as I get in and out. It's split on the faux leather Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  15. Hi, Anyone else having a crack appear in the seats through wear? Must be how I sit, but the drivers seat "leather" is cracked (not torn through thankfully)