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  1. So many little things

    "Lastly, the Sat nav is giving stupid destination arrival times. For example, it said that i was going to arrive at a destination which was 79 miles away 20 minutes ago and didn't change for the rest of the journey it stated off saying twenty past eight and at some points i had an hour left supposedly and 140 miles left to do in an hour." Harry you may find that the actual time shown on the R Link display (clock) can be different to the time that the Nav thinks it is, I had this with my Kadjar when I picked it up back in March and had similar experiences as yourself. The dealer had it sorted in about 5 minutes. HTH Pete Pete
  2. R-Link text message

    Jamjar, the SMS on your phone is more than likely not compatible with the R-Link system, and sadly every time you start up the car the message will appear. Had the same experience with my Nokia Lumia 628, luckily it was due a change through work and moved up to the 635 (I think) which is fully compatible and so no more message. HTH Pete
  3. Speed Camera Warning - Showing wrong Speeds

    I've had my Kadjar back at the dealers today (just a technical service nothing serious), and it would appear that there is still no fix for the speed camera MPH/KPH issue available yet. But Renault are fully aware and the techies are working on a fix. Happy Motoring Pete
  4. R-Link SMS compatibility with Windows Nokia Phone

    The new jam jar sorry Kadjar has been to the dealer today, It would appear that at the moment the the R-Link and Nokia Lumia 635 are simply not compatible so until one or the other are updated the SMS function will not work. Just as well the phone side of things are OK. Happy Motoring Pete
  5. R-Link SMS compatibility with Windows Nokia Phone

    Hi Thanks Andrew, I have been right through the Nokia bluetooth settings and everything I can find is turned on, but still no connection with the R-Link. Looks like a trip to the dealer this week!!!
  6. I've got a new Kadjar, just about sorted some of the R-Link stuff, however cannot pair the SMS function from R-Link with my Nokia Windows Phone. R-Link says to switch on the SMS on my device but I'm at a loss on what to do. SMS appears to be 'On' on my phone, Bluetooth is connected. I can get my wife's iPhone to work ok but not my Nokia. Anyone got any ideas?