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  1. I had a problem with a blown fuse so I tried to change it myself. No success! I went to a Renault Service and they were able to identify the right fuse after about one hour. The problem is that the scheme on the fuse box has nothing to do with the fuses position :). I obviously asked for the right picture but the answer was: " When Renault will print the right one I am sure you will get one!" So, if you have problems with fuses please take care!
  2. I had numerous electrical problems with my Kadjar. They always said it was "a fuse" but sometimes they needed more than 6 hours "to identify and change the fuse" which I think is too much even for the most stupid mechanic. It is true, once Renault guys send me to buy new fuses from a gas station near their garage because they were "out of stock".
  3. Automatic headlights

    I had a similar message more than a year ago. I went to Renault and they found a fuse burned. Check the fuses!
  4. Take care! I had installed by Renault the module for auto folding mirrors. It is in the drivers door, some cables, a fuse and a relay. The relay is attached to the door using.... velcro. After a while I heard some kind of noise in the door. When I get to another service to install the aftermarket windows one touch closer/opener (or what the hell it is its name) they found the Renault's relay just laying on the bottom of the door (inside it). So they get it and attached somewhere using isolating band. Last week it rained a lot and I left the car in front of the house. When I intended to use it I saw the mirrors were stuck in the closed position. I went to Renault and they found the relay full with water. Of course it was a short-circuit and the fuse was blown. They said this is not covered by the warranty because I used the after market module and also I lost the warranty for all the electrical system of the car. I explained that their relay was already separated from their velcro band and it is not normal to have electrical parts in a door where water is about 1 cm. They stick with their opinion and gave me another examples were customers lost their warranty: changed the horn with another one from Renault Laguna or changed the antenna with the shark fin. So, be aware: take care about warranty and take care about water in your doors!
  5. I am still waiting for an answer from Renault (I wrote to them in November asking them why a flooded door is not under warranty.) The first answer from the mechanic was: "if you park somewhere were the rain can fall on the car than you have to check from time to time if the interior of the doors are not flooded. You come to Renault service and we take down the door panels and check. It will take 2 or 3 hours." I am wondering: in UK you get the same advice? In UK is not raining at all?
  6. Dear robertp, If I remember correctly you also made some improvements using aftermarket modules. I did the same. I had the Renault module for auto folding mirrors and the Chinese module for close/open windows. They said the Chinese module void the warranty even though the water in that door wasn't the result of the Chinese module. More than that, in water were both the Renault module (in short circuit) and the Chinese module working well. What I intended to say: 1. If you install after market parts take care because Renault is not happy with that. 2. When is raining you will have water in your doors so be sure your electrical modules placed there will be OK.
  7. Renualt telling lies???

    In my country a few weeks ago was a scandal about the quality of imported products. Some important brands have lower quality in my country compared with the same sold in western countries. Renault is doing the same thing: they fave DAB radio only on Kadjar Bose models. On the other models we have the useless AM band. This is just an example. I am thinking in sending a formal complain to the Committee on internal market and consumer protection.
  8. Unfortunately I have R Link 2. On national Kadjar forum someone who installed an aftermarket nav told us that it's designed for radio version. He told us that the connectors are different. Even in the small video you posted above it's the same situation. Some functions like choosing the colour for the dials are controlled by R Link.
  9. I love it! My only concern is if it compatible with Kadjar with R Link 2 or just with the one with radio?
  10. Renualt telling lies???

    Just for fun I will ask Renault to reimburse me too.
  11. Add-ons to Kadjar

    Things you can add official are here (for me only the auto folding module was interesting). Everything else can be mounted on your own risk. Even the auto close/open windows aftermarket module I installed with a warning from Renault "you are doing it on your own risk and you can lose the warranty for the affected parts of the car."
  12. Renualt telling lies???

    In all countries we get the same answer: "What???? You are not satisfied with our excellent R Link 2 ???? You are the first one!!!".... then a long pause so I have to feel like I have some psychological problems. "We have thousands and thousands of very happy customers." For a second I was sure he will call me a sociopath. And related with ianhove post: I got the same answer "you will get a free update after the new firmware." After that I understood it will be a "free map update" only in case of I will pay another one year subscription. I am confused!
  13. Add-ons to Kadjar

    An interesting question! Official or unofficial? I mean: in Renault Service or not?
  14. I am terrified!!!

    At 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show Renault announced Renault Symbioz, "an autonomous car" which drives itself. I guess it uses the newest Renault maps from 06.2016. Renault is asking all pedestrians and cars to remain their positions as they were recorded in 13.06.2016 at exactly 4:34 PM. Knowing how good are Renault's "current and upcoming connected customization" and the news that they will have the same partnership with LG and TomTom I just don't want to live in a world in which a Renault car will be on the streets autonomous.
  15. Someone had this problem?

    Did you ask Renault Service? Your car is still under warranty!
  16. Time to say good bye to my Kadjar

    A little over 100,000 km. When I bought the Kadjar the cheapest one was around 16,000 E, a middle one 18,000 (with upgrades about 20,000 - I chose this one) and the top around 29,000 E (with upgrades) I saw that in the moment when Renault launched the Kadjar with walk away lock and Android Auto I lost 3 or 4,000 E because the 2016 model was considered outdated.
  17. Time to say good bye to my Kadjar

    No, I am not kidding. OK, the site is in Romanian but you can see the price: https://www.autovit.ro/anunt/renault-kadjar-ID7Gnaw6.html#738fa28e18 http://www.vitan-auto.ro/anunturi/39483/autoturisme/dacia-duster.html Don't forget that in UK, Kadjar's price is higher than in other countries. Off course I am not comparing the Top Kadjar with the entry level Duster. I guess I compare a entry level Kadjar with a middle level Duster. But the price is close (after 100,000 km.) And the fact that the 2016 Kadjar is considered outdated and replaced by the newer 2017 version didn't help me at all.
  18. Time to say good bye to my Kadjar

    I tried to sell my 2016 Kadjar, too. I got ALWAYS two questions: it has walkaway lock and R Link 2 with firmware 3.x? My answer was no and the price offered was ridiculous low (the same price with a Dacia Duster with the same mileage.)
  19. Disoriented Compass

    OK, I understand! But when you are moving... what is the situation? For me it is simple: i don't have the central display compass!
  20. Disoriented Compass

    When your car is not moving the compass is less accurate. The "compass" is actually your GPS position. It gets your direction by comparing your last two positions. If you are not moving, your direction is actually just an artifact of the error in your GPS location. The error in your direction reduces with movement. The faster you move, the more accurate it will be. All of this has nothing to do with the Earth's magnetic north.
  21. R link firmware

    Yep, but I don't care!
  22. R link firmware

    Yes, you are right. I understood that it will be the last major update for 2.x. and not the last one at all. The support for cars under warranty will not be cancelled. They will keep the car working "as it was at the moment you bought it". I assume that this update will solve the problem of map update. If so, the main issue will be solved. They are not interested in solving our requests for better nav or Android Auto.
  23. R link firmware

    OK. I am not able to confirm these info. 1. Specialists working on software development for 2.x firmware were drastically reduced. 2. The new 2018 Kadjar will have a new nav system with portrait screen. Basically, Renault want to have just 2 versions, one for "cheap" cars and one for the other cars. 3. The November or December update will be the last for 2.x models. 4. Everything can be a little late as usually is happening.
  24. Someone had this problem?

    For me it is not clear: what is happening and what do you expect to happen?
  25. R link firmware

    😀 Don't worry. Obviously English is not my first language so I make a lot of mistakes. I assume that my posts are not easy to be understood but sometimes the info is really interesting... I am from Bucharest were is located an important Renault design center. Here Kadjar was designed. My info is not from Renault but from a guy who works (outsourcing) for them. So, even though all the info from this guy were 100% true, each time when I post here I start with "some say" just to mark it like an "unofficial info". Ok? I already have some bad news but I will be back in a few days. I want to check then first.