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  1. I had numerous electrical problems with my Kadjar. They always said it was "a fuse" but sometimes they needed more than 6 hours "to identify and change the fuse" which I think is too much even for the most stupid mechanic. It is true, once Renault guys send me to buy new fuses from a gas station near their garage because they were "out of stock".
  2. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    You are right but I don't know if this is true for all phones. My phone was charging and in the same time using BT, GPS, Mobile data and cell, the screen was at the maximum and it charged about 10 % in almost 1 hour (much - much slower than normal). I guess there are at least a few phone models with higher consumption (my phone is a 2017 model). Using Waze it will make those phones discharged. It is interesting to measure the power in USB ports on pre-May cars and the others. If there is a significant difference I think there is the problem.
  3. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    It is a difference between charging and keeping charged. When I am using mirroring function the amount of energy taken from USB must be at least equal with the one consumed by the phone. I am sure that "if there is a will, there is a way". Renault is just not interested to solve this and somehow I understand them - just read their last year selling results!!
  4. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    The USB 3.0 standard was launched in 2008 but is still something unknown for Renault?!? There are 2 important differences: 1. Speed. USB 2.0 has 480 Mbps and 3.0 has 4.8 Gbps (the maps for the whole Europe are a little less than 1 GB) 2. Power. USB 2.0 up to 500 mA and 3.0 up to 900 mA. So, USB 2.0 with a current of 500 mA has limitations when charging a larger smartphone or tablet battery. I don't believe Renault when they say that the problem is USB version. Like I don't believe them when they say they cannot retrofit walk-away lock.
  5. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    The new map will be available on May 5th.
  6. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    They are idiots! I asked a similar question: how is possible that my 20 years old Renault Laguna II and almost all new Renault cars have "walk-way lock" and Kadjar doesn't? The Renault answer? "Aaaaaahhhhhhh.... we took that from QQ".
  7. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    I share with my wife a VW Golf. For me those issues you mentioned "no light in glove box, no walk-away locking, no folding mirrors, no ambient light, no illuminated door switches" and also poor quality of dashboard materials, no map update, no illuminated lock/unlock switch, no Android Auto, no Carplay, poor Renault services so forth and so on ARE IMPORTANT. I can say: Kadjar is a bitter experience. Yes, I can live without all those little things. But for me is something like buying a new TV set with ultra 4K, shiny, beautiful and when I arrived home I saw that each command on remote must be confirmed using a button on the TV itself and , yes, it is dolby surround but only for models after May 2019. And, just to understand me better. I bought an ambient light system months ago. I just have to plugin and to attach the LED bars under the seats (I guess a 10-15 minutes work). It is still in the box because I don't think it worth to spend those 15 minutes to make this Kadjar a little better.
  8. Automatic headlights

    I had a similar message more than a year ago. I went to Renault and they found a fuse burned. Check the fuses!
  9. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Kadjar is not a bad car. If you just "break" it in parts and evaluate each part alone. Good engines, good mechanics, good interior, reasonable infotainment and so on. BUT, as a whole, for me, is not a car that give me the satisfaction I had driving many other cars. There are one thousand of small and details. I will not repeat them, you can find all here, on this forum. I must say I am feeling of being cheated. I had other expectations and I am angry because this could be a great car. Let me give you some examples! The light in the glove box. I don't have it and I can say I can live without it. But this is my first car in the last 10 years without it. They solved this at later models but they didn't offer a solution, like a paid upgrade kit for other models. Or another one: map upgrades. They said I will have one year of free upgrades. I received none, like many others. In last August I sent an email to Renault asking about this issue. Their answer come in last October telling me they received the email and they are analyzing the problem. Than I received another mail in December asking for the map version (I answered in the same day), another email in February asking for pictures with HUID, map version and VIN (I answered in the same day).... and I am still waiting. So add the Renault customer service at the "I don't like list". So, I will never buy another Kadjar and I am pretty sure I will never buy another Renault. My Kadjar is now covered in the drive way. I am not using it anymore because I just hate this car and it waits for my son to get his driving licence. I will not care if he will hit the car so there will be no scenes in the family!
  10. tuning box

    Interesting but I am not sure if it works. I will wait until somebody will buy it and will do some tests.
  11. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    It seems to be a hardware module.
  12. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    You are talking about Renault!!! It will cost much more!
  13. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    Renault says they will make a module called My Renault Connected (Ils pourront s'équiper avec un boîtier).
  14. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    If you are calm and you read all the article you will find what 1898 already found or this : "Quant aux clients qui roulent avec des véhicules plus anciens, ils ne sont pas oubliés. Ils pourront s'équiper avec un boîtier (My Renault Connected) au deuxième trimestre 2018."
  15. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    I found these two articles in a discussion on my national Kadjar forum. Interesting!!! http://auto-infos.fr/Renault-lance-son-bouquet-de,10525 https://auto.orange.fr/auto-connectee/news/renault-va-deployer-easy-connect-en-2018-CNT000000SDGQJ.html But who can trust those liars from Renault?