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  1. Hi Total rubbish if yours is fitted with front sensors, can you see them in the bumper, if so should work when moving forward but car must be in 1'st gear do not work in neutral ours make a noise if someone walks in front of it in standing traffic,into your dealer me thinks good luck 🙃 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  2. Hi no oil change at first service unless you have done 18000 miles then I think yes 🤔 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  3. Hi Not sure if you call it a DESIGN PROBLEM when some or even most work fine, seems to me you have a faulty component which is quite different to a design fault, now all you have to do is convince your dealer to find said component hope it works out and you get it sorted. 👍 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  4. Hi Dash will alert you 30 days before service is due or at least ours doe's it shows at start up for a short while not sure how long though🤔 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  5. Hi On service schedule states check condition of front and rear brakes so dealer SHOULD have taken wheels of to do this , now if it was mine I would check wheels NUTS ARE TIGHT can make strange noises if not FULLY TIGHT ASAP if I was you😯 JC. 😎🥃🥃
  6. Hi If the noise is when you turn and not when braking why suspect brakes try turning and not braking if it still does it will not be brakes I would say no to paying for work if not totally sure of a fix and dust will NOT stop brakes from working so don't worry about that. Just a thought did they take wheels off to check brakes ?????? At service ours WERE removed at first service they may have disturbed dust ???????? Did they ask for locking nut tool for wheels when serviced is checking brakes on schedule at service you have paid for and did they check them ???????? JC😎😎☕️☕️🥃🥃
  7. Hi Yes I HAVE moved our wheels back to front I left pressures same so as to check if sensors work , so when moved 31 front 34 rear did reset thing on screen drove down road took a while about a mile and half to get numbers but it showed 31 front 34 rear so yes you can move wheels around no problem at all 😀😀😀 JC. 😎😎🥃🥃☕️☕️
  8. Hi Well done and thanks for that info👍 JC😎😎🥃🥃☕️☕️
  9. Hi Yes I rather thought that was the case and thanks for that ulfire next thought ( is this two today before 9am ) what powers said sensors battery's ???🤔 And how long do they usually work for🤔 JC😎😎☕️☕️🥃🥃
  10. Hi Yes getting a little confused my self ( happens a lot these days ). my thought is this when I need to fit new tyres replacing old worn out ones on our kj fitted on 19" wheels will the existing sensors have to be replaced to fit new valves or do existing ones still work indeed is the valve even connected to the sensor????? I say this as we had a puncture a while back and the sensor was not replaced but not sure about the valve , the sensor as I recall is stuck to the rim inside the tyre but not sure if connected to valve , so will I need new sensors Yes or no ??? 🤔 many thanks JC😎😎🥃🥃☕️☕️
  11. New Front Tyres

    Hi Yes does anyone know what the wear figures on side wall of all tyres mean 🤔and how different from other manufacturers contact. 5's are. ??? 🤔 please JC. 😎☕️
  12. New Front Tyres

    Hi Yes which ones are the above please look like good ratings to me and are they 19" and where from please don't ask much do I many thanks hope they work for you 😀😀 JC😎😎☕️
  13. New Front Tyres

    Hi Yes ours are wearing on all of tread nice and even just wearing a little tooooooo fast for me. I do try to keep pressures correct and always check when cold👍👍 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  14. Hi Yes know what you mean I go 30 miles to a indipendent renault dealer local national said when I was buying it I would not get a better deal in lancashire and he was right they have all the dealerships in Lancashire and yes they are COWBOYS they even tried to fit a new headlamp to solve an alignment problem on a friends panda £400 when it just needed adjusting I ended up in dare I say it YORKSHIRE to buy ours and yes a better price toooooooooo😀😀 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  15. New Front Tyres

    Hi Yes see your point about wheel size BUT it is TYRE size that matters not wheel size or more importantly rolling radius and as 17 and 19" tyres have same rolling radius 19" is a lower profile tyre the overall diameter is same at point of contact with ground. ( tread if you see what I mean ) and as for wear on edges of tyre if both edges wear it will probably be under inflation if only one edge per tyre may well be tracking🤔🤔🤔 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  16. New Front Tyres

    Hi Yes ours is fast heading for new shoes to. done 16000 may get 18000 are you ready out of four moved front to back at 8-9000 previous car KOLEOS did 40000 miles on four so kj not quite so good WHY ??i suspect it is the tyres and not car ours at least are worn even across tread on all four so down to compound I think ours is 1.6 4x4 and is probably faster on acceleration than 2.0 litre koleos , driving style has a huge influence also and your country lanes and town driving will reduce mileage I would think acceleration and braking corners and all that I am hoping for more from replacements that will not be continentals for sure 🙃 JC😎🥃🥃
  17. Hi Yes it is true dealer will do warranty work no problem BUT IF YOU HAVE issues out of warranty you will have to pay for repairs , maybe if dealer serviced Renault will often pay or part pay for some things we had a koleos. 4x4 did a wheel bearing 8 months out of warranty and 70000 miles but as dealer serviced Renault agreed to pay for repair when speaking to them fact that Renault serviced made all the difference and they cannot say maintenance not correctly carried out if they have done it 🤔 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  18. Hi Oh yes it is, I think all slightly different 🤔 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  19. best diesel for Kadjar

    HI Yes we have used asda / sainsbugs from day one 50 plus mpg march 2016 1.6 4x4 15700 miles more than happy thanks Last two renaults MEGANE / KOLEOS both did 100,000 + miles on same with no issues JC
  20. Keycard problems

    Hi I Use black bought car WIFE saw nice shiny white + chrome 😀said that's MINE thing is she does not even drive !!!!!🤔 Shafted again me thinks oh yes😟 JC😎🥃🥃🥃🥃
  21. Keycard problems

    Hi Yes had this one toooooooo came up battery low fitted ( cheap one ) new battery went down again fitted maxell battery ( quality ) been ok for 3-4 months also try to keep away from credit cards and metal objects in pockets does seem to shield signal on occasion best of luck AND MERRY CHRISTMAS. 🎄🎄🎄🎄🌲🌲🌲🌲🍺🍺🍺🥃🥃🥃 JC
  22. Merry Christmas to all Members

    Hi Yes same to you and thanks for your efforts with this forum much appreciated 🎄🎄🎄⛄️⛄️🍺🍺🥃🥃 JC. 😎🥃🥃🙃
  23. New member

    Hi Yes it is for pollution coming in from outside suspect if you go to rural area it will show ok . Now as to smell may be clutch or brakes , has to be said most clutch issues are down to driver, now that said if you have had difficult hill start and slipped clutch for a while to get moving you may get a bad smell from clutch and it can linger for a while if clutch is working ok and not slipping you may well be ok and I personally would not let Renault pull it in bits and chance paying for it unless they are definitely calling it warranty work 🤔 JC 😎🥃
  24. Hi Yes most of above is correct but ours works long before normal running temperature is achieved Now question was how do you use stop start with same turned on ( switch on dash right hand side ) when driving and you stop say at junction YOU THEN PUT FOOT ON BRAKE GEAR TO NEUTRAL AND FOOT OFF CLUTCH failing to do ALL the above engine will keep running I think , this is not a fault but just how it works 🤔 hope this helps 🙃 JC. 😎 ☕️ 🥃
  25. How to start cruise control?

    Hi Your wellcome 😀 And keep cruising 🚗 👍 JC😎 🥃