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  1. Hi Here here I thought it was a KADJAR forum🤔😀😀👀🙃😇 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  2. Hi RTFishall Yes long warranty is good but don't forget fair wear and tear is not covered 😟battery is two years 😯etc etc etc 🤔few unhappy owners out there with regards to warranty check mrs google out looks like its not a full seven years more like three perhaps mileage etc 🤔🤔 All is not always greener may well be different if you own 😯 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  3. Kadjar 4WD owners

    Hi Yes Lower mpg maybe down to driver style but as I said above that extra diff / drive train takes energy to turn it energy is fuel renault states a different mpg (lower) for 4x4 version all part of the joy nothing is free but 4 wheel drive has the odd really good moments like when I just drove down to daughters house in snow when a Mercedes was trying to get up the hill 20 mins later I drove up hill no problem he was still trying to get up the hill and on to main road JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  4. Kadjar 4WD owners

    Hi I have not checked mpg in 2 wheel drive as I don't think there will be any difference auto is in effect on demand 4x4 so only kicks in when front wheels are moving faster than rear added to this weight and drag are the issue when it comes to mpg Yes 4x4 is heavier and matters not if in 4 or 2 wheel drive it has more drag as when moving it has a second differential at back which turns when moving now using 4x4 energy from engine will be used in 2 wd diff turns from rotation of rear wheels which in turn are powered from engine so little or no change in mpg I think🤔🤔 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  5. Kadjar 4WD owners

    Hi Yes agree completely in auto 4x4 is there if you need it 😀😀 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  6. HI But is that not the one with steamed up headlights ????? JC
  7. Hi Yes ours got some marks from wire to coffee cup not good but hey rest of it is ok ( except map thing) nothing is perfect 🤔🤔 except me of course 😇😇 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  8. Signature S nav or Dynamique S Nav

    Hi Yes tend to agree with Johnbridge bit more cash but will you regret not getting sig spec later I got a koleos in 2009 dynamic s always regretted not getting the privilege JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  9. Hi Yes you may be surprised how many being broken , may be worth a look 👀 on eBay 🤔few on there.👀👍 JC. 😎😎🥃🥃
  10. Hi For none bose ones full size spare if price ok should fit in boot I think as Renault do sell them you will need correct size to suit your tyre size .May be worth trying to get hands on a 5th matching alloy .Space saver fine but restricted on speed you should drive and only to get you home.Thats my thoughts on subject hope it helps JC. 😎😎🥃🥃
  11. space saver spare

    Hii keyman Not saying you CANNOT repair after gunk repair BUT it does say on can DO NOT repair never understood why or ever used it but suspect ATS and the like will not do a repair if gunk used JC
  12. Bluetooth connection

    HI Have you updated your i phone to ios 11 if so this may well be the problem try a search on this forum for answers / help think it has been mentioned before best of l uck JC
  13. Hi Ours is a March 2016 sig nav 4x4 we have NOT PAID for any maps or packages as CANNOT load new maps even if I want to BUT SPEED CAMERA WARNINGS DO STILL WORK ON OURS AT LEAST , AS DOES RE ROUTE FOR traffic issues not sure if it should but it dooooooo🤔 JC. 😎😎☕️☕️
  14. Sub woofer

    Hi Have you tried RENPARTS. Doncaster🤔🤔 tel 01427873808 e mail sales@renparts.co.uk worth a try me thinks🤔 JC. 😎😎🥃🥃
  15. Hi Total rubbish if yours is fitted with front sensors, can you see them in the bumper, if so should work when moving forward but car must be in 1'st gear do not work in neutral ours make a noise if someone walks in front of it in standing traffic,into your dealer me thinks good luck 🙃 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  16. Hi no oil change at first service unless you have done 18000 miles then I think yes 🤔 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  17. Hi Not sure if you call it a DESIGN PROBLEM when some or even most work fine, seems to me you have a faulty component which is quite different to a design fault, now all you have to do is convince your dealer to find said component hope it works out and you get it sorted. 👍 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  18. Hi Dash will alert you 30 days before service is due or at least ours doe's it shows at start up for a short while not sure how long though🤔 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  19. Hi On service schedule states check condition of front and rear brakes so dealer SHOULD have taken wheels of to do this , now if it was mine I would check wheels NUTS ARE TIGHT can make strange noises if not FULLY TIGHT ASAP if I was you😯 JC. 😎🥃🥃
  20. Hi If the noise is when you turn and not when braking why suspect brakes try turning and not braking if it still does it will not be brakes I would say no to paying for work if not totally sure of a fix and dust will NOT stop brakes from working so don't worry about that. Just a thought did they take wheels off to check brakes ?????? At service ours WERE removed at first service they may have disturbed dust ???????? Did they ask for locking nut tool for wheels when serviced is checking brakes on schedule at service you have paid for and did they check them ???????? JC😎😎☕️☕️🥃🥃
  21. Hi Yes I HAVE moved our wheels back to front I left pressures same so as to check if sensors work , so when moved 31 front 34 rear did reset thing on screen drove down road took a while about a mile and half to get numbers but it showed 31 front 34 rear so yes you can move wheels around no problem at all 😀😀😀 JC. 😎😎🥃🥃☕️☕️
  22. Hi Well done and thanks for that info👍 JC😎😎🥃🥃☕️☕️
  23. Hi Yes I rather thought that was the case and thanks for that ulfire next thought ( is this two today before 9am ) what powers said sensors battery's ???🤔 And how long do they usually work for🤔 JC😎😎☕️☕️🥃🥃
  24. Hi Yes getting a little confused my self ( happens a lot these days ). my thought is this when I need to fit new tyres replacing old worn out ones on our kj fitted on 19" wheels will the existing sensors have to be replaced to fit new valves or do existing ones still work indeed is the valve even connected to the sensor????? I say this as we had a puncture a while back and the sensor was not replaced but not sure about the valve , the sensor as I recall is stuck to the rim inside the tyre but not sure if connected to valve , so will I need new sensors Yes or no ??? 🤔 many thanks JC😎😎🥃🥃☕️☕️
  25. New Front Tyres

    Hi Yes does anyone know what the wear figures on side wall of all tyres mean 🤔and how different from other manufacturers contact. 5's are. ??? 🤔 please JC. 😎☕️