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  1. Oil change due next service

    Hi Maybe if you are intending to keep and run for 200,000 miles but you sell at 100,000 next owner will benefit from you perhaps ??? That’s my thought 🤔 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  2. Hi ENJOY😀😀😀 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  3. Hi YES do not rule out manufacturing issues lots of us who had a shakee ass megane had problems with rear axle alignment ours did only 6000 miles on rear tyres dealer noticed excessive wear to inner half only at 3000 miles fronts did 22,000 after much arguing by dealer renault paid for new rear axle after that it did about 12,000 miles on rear so while not good a lot better as for the junk theory think this would make wheel now that said rear may have hit something hard a kerb- pot hole whatever your problem maybe convincing renault it is not your fault not sure about junk on hub as this would make wheel wobble and i would think you would notice the vibration from this as for steering wheel not being in centre this is just a matter of adjusting track rod ends correctly this does take a while sometimes and if you are not happy take it back and let them have another go , now when you say car is pulling do you mean if you let go of steering wheel it drives to one side or if you hold wheel in centre it drives to one side in which case car is probably ok JC
  4. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Hi Yes me toooooooooo always wanted a beeeeeeeep !!!!!!!!!!! But with all the problems with these early ones 🙃😟think going to leave it alone 👀 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  5. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    Hi Yes ours never makes a sound when locking and never has the koleos and Megane we had before kadjar never made a sound either !!!!!!🤔🤔😟 JC. 😎😎🥃🥃
  6. Grinding suspension

    HI YES sounds like a dealer job . Why not try a different dealer if not happy where you have been previously ??????? J C
  7. Hi Yes but also you could if you wanted to , add a second 12v battery run side by side wire negative to negative and positive to positive that would give extra capacity I think ??????? Now to starting problem is it not under warranty get it in to a dealer and get it sorted for free seems most sensible to me but hey always was a little slow myself ( not that bright) JC😎😎🥃🥃
  8. Hi. ROXY1234 as you say tread depth in an ideal world best same but also do not forget different tyres / makes have a different rolling radius for same size of tyre that is to say different revolutions per mile so could in theory upset 4x4 but I suspect this was all taken into account on that drawing board , will I think be more of a problem in locked 4x4??? JC😎😎🥃🥃
  9. Hi Yes i know what you mean I to prefer all tyres same on 4 x 4 but in auto back only comes in if front rotation is greater than rear so if front tyre is larger then it will have to slip more for rear to come in if front is smaller then it will in theory cause rear to work sooner maybe all the time now that said what if you use front only for say ten thousand miles now fronts are worn and now smaller so if you engage auto will it do any damage I would not think so , so the answer is no, don’t worry but I would go fo all same when new shoes needed JC😎😎🥃🥃
  10. AIR CON

    Hi Yes ours has had the no air on screen or centre eye level vents 😟😟 dealer tried re setting it to no avail 🤔 so fitted new unit in to dealers on tues am back out thurs 3 30 pm now perfect well done Kineholme renault Otley Yorkshire👍👍 JC 😎😎🥃🥃
  11. Turbo

    Hi Yes is this seven or maybe eight which is to many but let’s not forget how many members on here so ‘tis infact a small percentage in reality not that this helps you good luck JC😎😎🥃🥃 ps just checked 4642 members on this forum!!!
  12. Turbo

    Hi Yes search turbo on this site think you maybe number 7 ? ??? Which engine do you have???? Hope you get sorted ok JC😎😎🥃
  13. Hi Yes suspect if 15 mins listening to radio is enough for a car not to start I would be looking for a new battery and or checking if charging correctly 🤔should do a lot longer than that in my opinion 🙃 how long if you park with PARKING LIGHTS on I wonder????🤔🤔🤔🤔 JC😎😎🥃🥃
  14. Another Turbo Gone

    Hi Yes just had thought bit unusual but hey what the think you are saying quite rightly do not stop engine without idling for a couple of minutes so as to cool and lubriate turbo bearings now my thought is STOP START just stops engine is this a good idea????? JC😎😎🥃🥃
  15. Hi Yes socket in front only works when ignition turned on, the one in the rear is permanently live JC😎😎🥃🥃