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  1. New member

    Hi Yes it is for pollution coming in from outside suspect if you go to rural area it will show ok . Now as to smell may be clutch or brakes , has to be said most clutch issues are down to driver, now that said if you have had difficult hill start and slipped clutch for a while to get moving you may get a bad smell from clutch and it can linger for a while if clutch is working ok and not slipping you may well be ok and I personally would not let Renault pull it in bits and chance paying for it unless they are definitely calling it warranty work πŸ€” JC 😎πŸ₯ƒ
  2. Hi Yes most of above is correct but ours works long before normal running temperature is achieved Now question was how do you use stop start with same turned on ( switch on dash right hand side ) when driving and you stop say at junction YOU THEN PUT FOOT ON BRAKE GEAR TO NEUTRAL AND FOOT OFF CLUTCH failing to do ALL the above engine will keep running I think , this is not a fault but just how it works πŸ€” hope this helps πŸ™ƒ JC. 😎 β˜•οΈ πŸ₯ƒ
  3. How to start cruise control?

    Hi Your wellcome πŸ˜€ And keep cruising πŸš— πŸ‘ JC😎 πŸ₯ƒ
  4. How to start cruise control?

    Hi Sounds to me the only possible thing you could be doing wrong is having foot on brake or clutch pedal which turns off the system so I suspect it will not allow it to turn on just a thought hope you get sorted soon πŸ™ƒgood luck. πŸ€” JC😎πŸ₯ƒ
  5. Active emergency brakingHi

    Hi Yes it turns it self of and I may be wrong but it seems to be in slippery conditions suspect so as not to lock wheels and so loose control also ours is 4x4 version and I think it advises to turn it off for 4x4 locked setting for off road type conditions πŸ€” J C 😎
  6. Torque display

    Hi NOT the rocker switch but try the one on right side of steering wheel that looks like pages of a book and as a thought πŸ™ƒ not all option's are available on all dash options Just play around see what you can find ours has one to show 4 x4 power distribution front to rear good luck πŸ˜€ JC. 😎
  7. Hi I would think not and not noticed anything while messing with r link I say I would think not as it is a legal requirement to have tpm system working in U.K. Not sure about EU , I am Presumeing you are in U.K. If so be aware your insurance may be void without it and also be warned snow and winter tyres can have same problems with insurance ( modified vehicle ) i.e. not standard tyres !!!πŸ€” JC 😎πŸ₯ƒ
  8. Hi Yes think πŸ€” Ours works in dark toooo but not sure , will take note when out in dark next time 😎 JC 😎
  9. Hi I leave cruise turned on on tunnel all the time and yes it is in an awkward placeπŸ€” J C😎
  10. Radio Traffic Announcements

    Hi Yes and yes but not rushing for it as have no intention of paying for more maps until sure more than one update in the full year will be available πŸ€” Only got one in first year so I recon they owe me anyway, shame rest of car great JC 😎
  11. Hi From HK

    Hi Not sure why you got a kj if so many things you don't like and bye the way auto door lock is on kj but it can be turned on or off in r link πŸ€” as many other features are πŸ€”πŸ€” Anyway hope you enjoy your Kia ''tis a good motor πŸ€”but not as good as our 4x4 RED KADJAR πŸ˜€ JC. 😎
  12. Service Intervals Display

    HI WELL DONE YOU have a drink to celebrate your success JC
  13. Kadjar Drivers Anonymous

    HI Yes and very well put in my opinion one thing missing in my eyes though WHO IS THE DEALER PLEASE then we are all warned πŸ™ƒ town would work πŸ€” JC 😎
  14. Service Intervals Display

    Hi Just google it says how to reset service interval and suspect when you reset to two years or whatever light may well go out perhaps possibly ????πŸ€” Should have been done at service point unless you did it yourself of course πŸ€”
  15. Hi So on that principle a 40 tonne semi should stop quicker than my kadjar not to sure about that myselfπŸ€” JC 😎