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  1. Rattles and Noises

    Thank you for all the replies to my original post. I have also fitted furniture felt pads to the glove box lid directly opposite the original factory fitted rubber pads and this has cured the problem.
  2. Puncture

    Had to replace one of my tyres @ 1K miles, screw in the wall of tyre. I paid £216 and had to wait 24hrs for it to be obtained by the tyre fitter. When this sort of thing happens you always think why me, or its just me, but obviously its qiute a few of us !
  3. Has anyone else had problems with rattles or noises inside cabin. My kadjar had a knocking sound from front passenger seat area from day one. Vehicle went into dealer for this to be investigated and i was given a replacement Kadjar for the day. Interestingly this replacement vehicle had a reverberating rattle also from the front passenger area, but it did not have the knocking noise that my car had. When I collected my Kadjar the knocking noise had now been cured ( something to do with door pillar I was told) but a day later I too had the reverberating noise Identical to that experienced in the loan car !
  4. Dent 2

    I have damaged one of my Apollo wheels, had a replacement tyre (screw in side wall) and been hit by something on the motorway which resulted in dint in door mirror and front wing. All this in about 4 weeks. Previous 'new' car which i traded for Kadjar was in mint condition, paint chip stick never used, original tyres, and mint alloy wheels never been off car other than servicing. Oh well.
  5. Puncture

    300 miles from home and I have a screw through the wall of rear ofside tyre. Not repairable so local dealer has ordered me a new OEM tyre @ £214 fitting tomorrow before long drive home.
  6. Damaged Diamond Cut Alloys

    Had my car just a week and managed to damage one of my wheels (Appolo Style) in a chance contact with a low stone edged wall. Not a huge area of damage but enough to be very annoying. Does anyone know if 'smart' repairs can be carried out on these wheels. I am in the Swansea area if anyone can recommend someone local.
  7. Indicator volume

    Nothing in the handbook,as far as I can see,regarding indicator volume setting. However I am sure I came across this setting when I was playing with the touch screen on the day I picked car up. I will have another look later.
  8. Checked all the tyre pressures with my digital pressure gauge and every tyre was different and incorrect. Inflated them all to correct pressures and then reset the monitoring system. Drove a few miles and hey presto correct pressures showing on screen in total agreement with the pressures I set with my digital gauge. Disappointed that the dealer did not set this up and that all the tyres were at the wrong pressure.
  9. Righto thanks for prompt replies. I will have a look at this tomorrow and get the car out on the road again.
  10. Yes ignition was on and engine running when i looked at this screen. I was expecting to see the values at each wheel but like i say it was just a blank line at each wheel. If i press reset will it measure each wheel and then display?
  11. This is probably a very silly question but: Picked up my Kadjar yesterday and been looking through all the features today. On the screen for tyre pressures where it shows the picture of the vehicle i just have a few dotted lines shown at each wheel. Should the actual tyre pressure value measured be shown at each wheel? Do I need to press the reset button or something? Anyone know.
  12. mysterious safety recall notice?

    Thanks to everyone at Swansea Renault who 'pulled out all the stops' to get my Kadjar on the road today. Worth the wait the car is fantastic very pleased with it. Good day for collecting, bright sunshine and paintwork (Flame Red) looks amazing.Only niggle at the moment is a rattle coming from front pasenger door area, will need investigating. Anyone else had rattle problems?