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  1. Engine Failure hazard

    Currently my vehicle is back in and at least I have a courtesy vehicle.
  2. Engine Failure hazard

    They replaced it under warranty. There was a rattle like noise so they thought best to change the timing chain. I learned from the manager today that mine was the fourth Kadjar timing chain replacement at under 20 000km. Apparently there is a fault on the original timing chain tensioners and the new ones have been corrected. Sounds like there should be a recall to me.
  3. Engine Failure hazard

    Thank you. Just left dealership diagnostic says all ok no fault. An hour later the message has appeared again. On my eay back to the dealership. I wonder if the oil which was all over the engine has caused a problem? They did not clean it properly.
  4. Engine Failure hazard

    15000km. Car is new.
  5. Timing chain replacement at 15 000km one week ago. After receiving my car back the oil began pouring out of the engine profusely. Went back and they said that they did not seal the cover properly. Now engine failure STOP and check stop start warning has appeared on the dashboard. Car has not overheated Anyone had this warning light appear?