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  1. Fog light on at front?

    This site is redundant now, see http://renaultkadjarforum.co.uk/announcement/2-we-have-moved-to-wwwrenaultkadjarforumcom/ Try https://www.renaultkadjarforum.com as an alternative
  2. This site is redundant now, see http://renaultkadjarforum.co.uk/announcement/2-we-have-moved-to-wwwrenaultkadjarforumcom/ Try https://www.renaultkadjarforum.com as an alternative
  3. System Information

    I'm still on and have been for some time. Car was last serviced End of May this year. I agree with 1064 about Version 3, absolutely makes sense Android Play is in the latest model of the car, essentially RLINK3
  4. Parking Pack

    My Auto Mirrors were fitted by a dealer who sourced the parts from France. As yet I have not pursued the auto locking to see if possible
  5. Are Renault Givin Up On R Link ?

    Android every time, better than Iphone or otherwise know as I(DIOT)phone. Having said that, they are ideal for those that like to be dictated to where as Android allows you to screw your own life up and have what you want, fully developed or not Apps. Renault need to give access to developers so there are better apps. Perhaps those apps that already exist that are a little buggy will get fixed as well?
  6. I did the factory reset so I did not have to do the update list and change station then go back to the one I want on DR which lasted for the rest of the day. Needless to say the issue is back but, touch wood, I Do not, or have ever, experienced any of the other described issues with my current version of the software. May I suggest everyone states there current versions of software so it is know if the issues described are unique to a version? I have software version Boot 4992 Nav Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  7. Sounds like a plan then, guess you have done it ulfire? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  8. What system version are you running, just wondering whether it reverts you to an earlier version?
  9. When doing the factory reset through the menu, does it reset everything back to default including deleting user profiles?

    Have you got a link for the trims on Ebay ? Are they easy to fit? Got my log book before I got the car!
  11. Make sure the sat nav is not muted, regardless as to whether you are actually using it or not, I know it sounds stupid but it worked for me some time ago.
  12. TomTom Traffic Subscription Renewal

    Now are you going to pay the over the top renewal for the Tomtom subscription? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  13. Sat nav resetting preferences

    Mine only reset when updates were done Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  14. R link

    Can't remember if this applies but is car stationary. Also is the vehicle receiving a telecoms signal as indicated on the home screen at the very top on the left portion of the screen. It is a small icon next to the radio icon. If you click on it another screen will be opened with signal strengths Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  15. R link

    OK, lets start from the beginning: Did you register with the RLINK store? Have you downloaded and set up toolbox?
  16. R link

    Use Toolbox on your PC rather than connecting straight from the R Link in the car which needs a good telephone signal anyway.
  17. Neighbours who needs them

    I feel the pain, hope the parts are readily available
  18. Your subscription is ending soon

    Well how spooky is that, got the subscription message come up again today, guess it was due to the software update a couple of weeks ago. Procedure to kill message is as follows, assuming you have deleted coyote: 1. On Rink-2 click on the message indicator that gets displayed to the left of your mobile signal indicator in the top right corner of the display, it is a little white box box with a number in it. 2. When box has been clicked the message list will be displayed, click on the message you want to open. 3. You will have 3 options at the bottom of the opened message, select the option you want. Hope that helps and if relevant my current system is
  19. Rubbish rubbishb ROOOOOOOOOOOBBISH

    Sussed that today but had not had a chance to post
  20. Rubbish rubbishb ROOOOOOOOOOOBBISH

    When you say the R-Link does not read the text, you do mean the actual woman speaks the text rather than it just coming up on the screen? It did do it for me before my latest system update, haven't tried it since, but I had to actually be on the page of the text in R-link then it 'Spoke' the text if I remember correctly.
  21. Your subscription is ending soon

    I definitely had the option. I had already deleted Coyote some weeks earlier via toolbox before getting the reminder subscription. The first time I got the reminder I just opened it and read it then the next time I used the car the reminder came up again. I then looked for a means to remove the reminder which I did as per my previous post. The Software Version for RLink2 was an earlier version,, to that which I have had since installed, if that is at all relevant.
  22. Rubbish rubbishb ROOOOOOOOOOOBBISH

    Love my Kadjar especially now I don't have to remember to fold in the mirrors when leaving it parked up in a street!
  23. Your subscription is ending soon

    Even if you remove it you may still get the reminder so click on the white box I mentioned in previous post . Once open use the drop down menu at the bottom of the screen for further options. That is the right button of the 2 at the bottom Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  24. Your subscription is ending soon

    If you still have coyotte installed in might relate to that, it did in my case. I have removed it and still got a reminder which I have cancelled via a little white which I think was to the left of the temp when it is in the top right hand corner. When I touched the box it brought up a memo type page