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  1. members flagged as spammers

    The sooner we move the better, get that control back!
  2. Members Debate the Move

    The 2 sites share the same type of Forum Platform. It can be set so you, the member, can choose other themes, (How the site looks colours/layout). depending on what the Admin has included in his package for you to access. Rob has experience of running Car related Forums, I do not, and I believe he has had a Kadjar Forum before and may still have data for it. I have a broad spectrum of dealing with websites of many types. There are no real pros and cons between the sites, either one can hold the same data and will require the relevant data to be Copied and Pasted from this site to the other. A sample of this is at Site A HERE ,The 2 subjects have been Copied and Pasted and are searchable. Any additions to the subject would be posted in the same manner you do here and look normal by comparison. Rob appears to like Ads which I'm guessing helps supplement the site costs, me personally am not a fan of Ads, especially if they do not relate to the site I'm visiting, but understand why it is done. If Site A was chosen for the next Forum, it would be Secure in as much it would be https. The only reason it isn't at the moment is due to the fact there is no Domain allocated to it at this time. Rob has not indicated whether there would be additional Admin(s) that have full access to the Domain, Site, etc, should he become unavailable, I think this is very important looking at where we are right now. Hope this information helps. I personally have no problems if Site B is the eventual winner, I would continue to use the Forum regardless, I'm merely offering a free service as I like Kadjars and would probably consider buying another after 4 years of ownership, 2 years to go then!
  3. Members Debate the Move

    Same place in the UK and site is HERE
  4. Members Debate the Move

    First off I must declare an personal interest in this debate in as much the site that is being put forward as SITE A, in the post by Shedder101 HERE and is one I quickly knocked up as an example. Here is a little about me, my name is Ross, I have a regular job, just like many of you, that are not in the TOG zone, though I’m not far away from that myself and yes I own a Kadjar. My wife is a big Renault fan and currently has a Captur. I work for a company that carrys out adaptions to properties to make life easier of those that are physically challenged. My interest in the internet/websites is as a hobby, some people go down the pub, not me. I have been renting a dedicated server from EUKHOST since 2008 so think that qualifies as NOT being a fad! I currently host websites for the company I work for along with a UK Basketball team, a couple of my own websites and some Domain names that are only used for emailing. Since I have been exploring this hobby, I’m amazed at the amount of hack attempts against servers, the countries they come from, and how they are done, it is a real eye opener! Anyway, on with my current evaluation of the situation: 1). You have a Forum that, whilst not currently broken, is slowly coming to the end of its life unless the current Admin, Motormouth, comes out of the woodwork and relinquishes control or has an active role again. 2). The Domain renaultkadjarforum.co.uk details are as follows: Registered on: 26-Jan-2015 Expiry date: 26-Jan-2019 Last updated: 01-Mar-2018 Unless it is renewed BY the current owner, who I assume is the Admin, it will go offline and won’t be accessible to any prospective new registrants for some time afterwards, which will make the current Forum VOID until that time. 3). The place the current Forum is hosted from will obviously expire at some point as it is subscription based, expensive, but I’m not sure when this will happen although I have seen March 2019 being suggested, perhaps shedder101 knows. The code or software, what ever you like to call it, I believe is unique to Invision Community hence the problem with trying to replicate the data anywhere but this host, unless anyone knows different. I assume the Admin has total control of this too and there is no other party involved. 4). Shedder101, as a Moderator, is very restricted in what he can do as the title suggests. Not sure what means was open to him for contacting Motormouth but I understand he as exhausted all the avenues 5). As we do not know where MM is, we have to assume the worst unless anyone knows different. 6). Whatever the decision, the time for action should be sooner rather than later whilst it is still possible to access the accumulated data. 7). I personally do not think asking for a subscription to a forum right now is necessarily a good thing as I believe trust needs to be built first, hopefully third time lucky with the Forum. 8). So you have various options for a Domain Name open to you, putting aside what comes before the dot, you need to think of your target audience, UK or wider. The Kadjar is obviously sold in other countries and has the same issues so an international feel with .com would perhaps be better. There are members here from other countries. Now for what I am offering: 1). A website that has Freeware Code from phpbb so if there are issues in the future it will be easy to replicate elsewhere so you don’t have to be loyal to any one host. 2). Database will be backed up everyday so hopefully recoverable if the worst happens. 3). Free hosting of the Forum for the foreseeable future. 4). I will pay for the first 2 years registration of the name, lets call it a celebratory round of drinks, only cheaper! 5). I propose 2 Admins at any one time so that there is at least 2 people with full access at any one time and they can communicate between each other by more than just email or messaging through the Forum 6). Moderator(s) will also be required. 7). The transfer of data will be slow and RAW, as the only means currently open to us is Copy and Paste, there is a couple of examples at the Forum I have set up. To complete this task, if we go forward with the Forum, it will be helpful if the membership here helped out as it is very time consuming. 8). Adverts, I’m not saying there won’t be any, but I’m not a big lover of them so if it does happen, I hope they will be at a minimum. 9). Membership to be controlled, Registration will be required and will be verified by email, first x number, of posts will require approval and thereafter away you go. Obviously those that are verified members here will not need posting approval although I’m sure you will agree it is no big deal. 10). Guests will be able to view site freely unless there is anything that needs more restriction. Registration will be required to post regardless. 11). The future of the Forum, if transferred, is up to you, I would like to see it expand to include other topics. 12). I hope that the Forum will have a future as being subscription free, but certainly for the next 2 years that will be the case providing there are no unforeseen circumstances. 13). If it makes a difference to anyone, Tapatalk will not be an option, it has had Security Issues in the past. The forum is perfectly Mobile friendly at this time. So now it is over to you guys, I’m not voting, not that my one vote will make any big difference, its up to all of you, I can only tell you how I see it.
  5. DAB Radio, HELP with a test please

    Tried my Van radio today on DAB and no problem which rules out transmission problems.
  6. DAB Radio, HELP with a test please

    Tried mine just now on Heart Sussex and it cut out during News then reconnected. I will try my Van Radio tomorrow, if I remember, see if it does the same. Usually just Listen to Radio 2 or Gold on DAB which have always been OK
  7. Android 8 work with Rlink2

    I have Galaxy S8 with Android 8.0.0 which works fine.
  8. System Information

    I'm still on and have been for some time. Car was last serviced End of May this year. I agree with 1064 about Version 3, absolutely makes sense Android Play is in the latest model of the car, essentially RLINK3
  9. Parking Pack

    My Auto Mirrors were fitted by a dealer who sourced the parts from France. As yet I have not pursued the auto locking to see if possible
  10. Are Renault Givin Up On R Link ?

    Android every time, better than Iphone or otherwise know as I(DIOT)phone. Having said that, they are ideal for those that like to be dictated to where as Android allows you to screw your own life up and have what you want, fully developed or not Apps. Renault need to give access to developers so there are better apps. Perhaps those apps that already exist that are a little buggy will get fixed as well?
  11. I did the factory reset so I did not have to do the update list and change station then go back to the one I want on DR which lasted for the rest of the day. Needless to say the issue is back but, touch wood, I Do not, or have ever, experienced any of the other described issues with my current version of the software. May I suggest everyone states there current versions of software so it is know if the issues described are unique to a version? I have software version Boot 4992 Nav Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. Sounds like a plan then, guess you have done it ulfire? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  13. What system version are you running, just wondering whether it reverts you to an earlier version?
  14. When doing the factory reset through the menu, does it reset everything back to default including deleting user profiles?