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  1. First service, now different feel

    Not like Renault to do anything under hand 😜 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/finance/city/691041/Volvo-and-Renault-among-leading-truck-firms-fined-record-2-5billion-for-pricing-cartel/amp https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/renault-emanagement-team-implicated-in-emissions-test-fraud-dieselgate-a7631886.html%3famp http://kathmandupost.ekantipur.com/printedition/news/2017-06-10/frances-renault-fined-in-mexico.html
  2. Now that's a company who seem to be proactive and on the ball. Wonder how long Renault will deny having ever heard of the issue as the reports flood in from customers.
  3. Carplay - help...

    Why not use a usb charger in the lighter socket ... no danger of any conflict then.
  4. Don't expect a solution any time soon...they are not known for their pace when it comes to problem solving. email address for R-link2 connected services is...r-link.helplineuk@renault.com
  5. That’s all you can do for now ...you've done your bit and covered the bases when they tell you to try doing it, so the ball is back in their court for a solution. Your software/firmware is very out of date btw 703 was replaced by 803 in July 2016.
  6. not heard of anyone being charged before...Renault dealerships do not charge for updates ... it’s their responsibility to keep the system up to date if their are issues for the warranty period of the car.
  7. my preferred method would be... 1, deleting my phone from the r-link then repairing it...doesnt work move to next step 2. soft reset ...press and hold power button for 10 secs...doesnt work next step. 3. factory reset on r-link..doesn't work.. 4. battery disconnect reset...doesnt work.. 5. phone help desk and report problem.
  8. There are varying degrees of reseting the system....just be aware that some of your personal settings will have to be reconfigured if you use the last two methods, For re-pairing a phone. Press the phone symbol at the top of the screen...a list of paired devices pops up..press the sub menu button and the pop up menu gives you the option to delete the devices listed.
  9. Won’t do any harm ...Try all the obvious first... deleting and repairing your phone, resetting the system .
  10. Yes ...that is the current one for cars produced after May with the newer head unit. cars manufactured before May2017 have numbers beginning 2.2.
  11. Headlamp upgrades

    Could well be the case they have made a change then....on older cars the fogs were distinctly orangey in colour when compared to the white Led headlights. Looked very odd,hence why some of us changed the bulbs.
  12. Has to be done at a dealership I’m afraid. For those that don’t know how to find their version number.. press Menu press System swipe to second page press System information r-link 2 (no)help desk details to report problems...
  13. For those having trouble I would suggest you post which version of the R-link 2 firmware you have so the problem can be narrowed down. It may be specific to one version only. i recently had update installed and am not experiencing any connection problems with my 6s running iOS 11.
  14. Forum Membership

    I don’t think there is anything in that section. Maybe admin could verify?