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  1. Alarm help please

    Thank you for reply, I have tried that this afternoon and still beeps the same. Worth a try though thanks
  2. Alarm help please

    Thanks for reply, I have phoned them and they may need the car for up to 3 days. Fingers crossed when they do get it they can sort it quicker. Shame I have to wait 4 weeks until they can have it, just hope I don't get problems like others I have read about whilst searching the net. Will update when work is done for future reference.
  3. Hi all, I have owned my Kadjar since buying used on a 16 plate in October. The car has been brilliant, great to drive etc and been very happy with it. Whilst on holiday this week my daughter phoned me to say the alarm had gone off for no reason, she opened and then locked the doors and there was 2 loud long bleeps and then the alarm went off again after a pause. I told her to open and close all the doors, windows etc and then just to start the car. She did all of this and the car just did 2 very high pitched long bleeps then was find. On my return yesterday I took the car for a drive and visited several places where I needed to lock it and each time it did these horrendous loud long bleeps. The alarm never went off. I have trawled the internet and tried looking on here for any information. I have found info on cars where the alarm just kept going off but nothing to match what is happening to mine. I am wondering if the alarm went off as my daughter pulled on the drive whether she was close and it set it off. Then with her trying to sort it out she may have pressed things to many times and has set something different? Can anyone offer any advise on what it could be and if it is something I can try and do myself or do you advise me taking the car to a Renault garage? Really appreciate any help on this, Thanks all Bex