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  1. Waiting with baited breath....

    Well - had the car around 3 weeks now & done 1000miles and I can honestly say - I love it! Yeah, there are all the comments already raised on this forum - but I’m happy for now 😇
  2. Waiting with baited breath....

    Yeah - good comment!! i told my wife I like my cars like my women..... big in the front and the back! How she laughed!!! not.
  3. Waiting with baited breath....

    Well I’m in the middle at 5’5” Acting like an ogre at the min - no eating / drinking / dirty boots / dog / sweet wrappers trying to keep it showroom standard.... it won’t last 😕
  4. Waiting with baited breath....

    Got the car around 8pm of a dark & rainy Friday night - it’s been pretty grim weather wise since then, but liking it so far! Engine pulls well, R Link seems pretty good, lots of space inside - all good! only trouble is, as a short arse I can barely see the end of the bonnet & cant see anything of the back end 😀😀
  5. Waiting with baited breath....

    Well it’s going to be way newer than any other car I’ve ever had, so it’s surely going to be a step up, but yes, need to see how the first few months go!
  6. Waiting with baited breath....

    Finally the day is nearly here! - delivery tomorrow - really excited now!
  7. Hi all - just joined up a couple of days ago. finally got my boss to sort me out a company car & after a bit of research have decided on the Kadjar! 😎 Have gone for the standard 1.5 dynamique nav. I’ve been withougj my old car for around 12 weeks now due to much messing around by 2 different garages, so I’m very excited to be back on the road in style! been doing lots of homework on alloy protectors, parking sensors & boot liners, but the wait is killing me! (Around 2 weeks still to go) will drop some pics when it arrives 👍🏻😊