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  1. Day time running light settings

    Yes, you are right, I get really annoyed with drivers who don’t put there lights on when it’s raining, foggy etc. So for them I think it’s a good thing. I can never trust the auto lights in poor whether! I always put them on manually.
  2. Day time running light settings

    The only reason I ask the question was because my other car is a new Volvo XC60 and the back lights are on all the time! Not just when the side lights or headlights are on. I think this is a good idea aspecially on dull days. I don’t think it’s just Volvo, I think other manufacturers also do the same.. Just wanted to know whether there was a setting that would activate the back lights..
  3. Day time running light settings

    Daren, I asked whether it was an easy mod!! Not whether the work you have carried out to your car is professional or not! What I meant was... I my self wouldn’t attempt to do what you have done because I may damage my car in the process and void the warranty!!
  4. Day time running light settings

    Sounds like that could void the warranty!
  5. Day time running light settings

    Hi Daren, Was it an easy mod?
  6. Day time running light settings

    Thanks Elo55, I’ll give that a try in the morning. Are the drl’s still as bright when switching to side lights only? Usually they have to dim slightly?
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if it’s possible to fit an auto dip rear view mirror to my Dynamique S Nav? If I purchased a Kadjar Signature mirror would it be a matter of just plug and play? Or is there more to it? Is the wiring there ready for it?
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me whether you can set the day time running light so that the back lights are on automatically as well as the front signature strips when the lights are set to auto?
  9. Red bag in the boot?

    Well I got in touch with the dealer and they said they would post it to me, that was a week ago and still nothing! I’ll give them a ring again to see what’s happened... maybe on back order? Or maybe they’re hoping I’ll forget about it!
  10. Red bag in the boot?

    Thanks for the replies, I’ll give the dealer a ring in the morning an ask if they can post the bag to me?
  11. Hi, I’ve just had my new Renault Kadjar delivered today, a Black Dynamique S Nav 1.6 4x4. I’m very happy with it, it’s a lovely looking car and really nice to drive. What I would like to know is when I looked at the car in the dealer showroom there was a long red bag with a Renault logo on it in the boot. This is now missing? What was in the bag? Should it be included with the car? Do all Kadjars have this red bag in the boot? Rob