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  1. Alan

    Many thanks for your useful reply's the phone is working nicely now. R-link2 once set up seems to work well I am just amazed how cars have come on since i bought my last car in 2010. It is not too difficult to understand the next step driver less cars, not something I am looking forward to. Alan
  2. Alan

    Just got my Kadjar signature S Nav Petrol, I am very impressed so far, It is so lovely & quiet, thought i would use the panoramic roof more but have found that my bald head suffers, such a shame. The hands free parking works a dream & my wife loves it for parking. I do have a couple of questions if anyone can help. found setting up R Link 2 to be a ball ache but is now updated (this took me a while), but all seems to be working well. My questions are will the kadjar remember my phone book, the phone is paired but i seem to have my phone connected by cable for my phone to be able to use the phone book. I am using an iphone 5s. My keyless key fob does not always unlock the car as I approach it, have I done something silly whilst setting up R Link, bit of finger trouble, or is it because I have pressed the button on the door handle. Would love to hear any answers to my questions. Many thanks Alan