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  1. Best way I can describe it is like a hydraulic press.
  2. I’m gettting a noise when when pushing if lifting off the accelerator pedal which sounds like air being let out of something. Very annoying - does anyone have any idea what it could be?
  3. Hi guys, Going to use the electrical socket to power my dash cam rather than hard wiring as i don't want to risk my warranty, my question is if i leave it constantly plugged in will it cause my car battery to go flat or does the socket only work when the car is started? Thanks.
  4. Apple car play

    Can Apple Car play be added later on if its not there already?
  5. This may be a really silly question, but is there any way to fast forward through songs using the steering wheel controls in the same way you do if you press and hold the track skip buttons on the r-link screen? For example a song comes on and i want to skip through a minute long intro?
  6. Spotted two poo colour kadjars

    Got my gold Kadjar last week and i really like the colour, always had black or dark blue cars in the past and this is a very nice change.
  7. Hi all, Had my 65 plate Kadjar Signature for a couple of days now and very much enjoying it. Changed from an 11 plate Ford Focus.