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  1. Hi all, Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but upon locking the car (either auto walk away lock or via the card) I get two long and very loud beeps. Have booked into dealers but was wondering if there was anything I can do? It's really loud and is bothering me 😖 Thanks in advance Shouvik
  2. Thanks both, just to clarify are you saying to shift into reverse, then whilst foot on brake press the handbrake release button and there should be no roll forwards? When I have tried that I've still rolled forward slightly. The only way so far I've managed not to roll is to manually hold up the handbrake whilst applying sufficient gas before releasing the handbrake. I'm just not sure that I'm meant to do that! Thanks so much for your comments, I'll give it another go your way
  3. Thanks for your message, yes never experienced this is other auto cars with a cable handbrake! Nope not asked dealer yet, will wait to see if anyone can help in here first.
  4. Hi guys, new to the kadjar less than one week in. Loving the car but one thing I'm still trying to perfect is reversing out of my drive which is on a downhill slope! Seems by the time I apply enough gas to release the electric handbrake the car will roll forward sightly before reversing... Wary as I'm right up against my wall! I've tried the hill assist mode by hard pressing the brake but not perfected yet. Am I missing something? Will it do the car any harm by manually lifting the electric handbrake until I have applied enough gas to not roll forward? Any comments much appreciated. Cheers