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  1. Just added my vehicle to this iPhone app to look at service intervals and its all in Km ....anyone see how to change this? The Renault blurb elsewhere says the Kadjar has oil condition sensors so this will explain why some people will get longer or shorter intervals than others , not necessarily on how far you have driven between services. If you bought a car after Feb 2018 you can within 3 months of registration get a £99 3 year service Easylife pack which is A service, B service, A service. For £100 more you can get a 4th year which is another B service with fuel filter replacement and if the service matrix bar graph in the app is to believed the air filter and spark plugs ( if petrol engine I suppose) are in the 4 year segment.
  2. Easy Life Pack

    Just been through a long loop with customer services . As long as you are the first owner and it was a retail sale and order was Feb 2018 onwards and you did not get a big discount it can be bought within 3 months of registration. If you register with myRenault web / app then input your VIN or registration plate if you go to service pages it will offer you Easy Life if you are eligible. If not then the standard service packs are only shown.If your vehicle is very new may not show up. There is an easy life 3+1= 4 years for £199 and you get a second B service. If you do the pay monthly standard service I think they do a free MOT year 3.
  3. fuse box

    There are also fuse boxes located in the vertical sides of the dashboard where they meet the passanger and driver doors. ( Also on LHS dash above glove box facing rear of car is a panel behind which is the OBD socket)
  4. Are we all talking about the EDC auto version of the 1.2 TCE here? Agree with 30 mpg round London and 38mpg on a 60-70mph road. I have a plug and play tuning box to try once the car has had its towbar fitted. It is the one here https://tdi-tuning.com/car/renault/kadjar/12-tce-128-bhp-130-ps-96-kw-205-nm-151-lbft/crtd4-multi-channel-petrol-tuning-box-chip After more torque for towing. Will see how mpg goes. Quick test run was noticeable improvement pulling uphill.Says 160 BHP ( stock 130BHP) 252Nm (stock 205Nm)
  5. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    Bluetooth 1.0 ver 0.0
  6. I have stopped using auto lights for the following reason. There is a railway bridge near me, only just length of a bus, & the auto lights setting will turn the dipped headlights on , during the day, then go off as I exit the bridge after 25m. There is a minor side junction on my left at 30m from the exit of the bridge & vehicles have repeatedly pulled out in front of me in thinking ( incorrectly) that I have flashed my Kadjar lights and thinking (incorrectly) that this means anything other than 'I am here' ( just like a car horn is meant to convey). This is on my usual route from home & has only happened in the Kadjar with auto lights. I think the front DRLs are a good idea & it is an EU directive now anyway & agree that it is probably best to have no rear DRLs as these may ,as others say, mean the brake lights coming on are not as noticeable during the day.I have no doubt that many people have full competance in modifying things as I do myself. As long as any changes you make dont fall foul of the ' construction & use regulations' that might possibly invalidate insurance, which is much more serious than invalidating any warranty some people are worried about. ( Not me).
  7. Re the Renault ( made by Bosel ) retractable towbar : Renault list in their MRRP price list as £615 fitted. I also looked at the Glyn Hopkins supply only of £540 ( loom plus bar) but reckon £75 to fit is is a bargain. They need to use the dealer tool to disable rear parking sensors when a cable plugged into the 13pin trailer socket .The dealer quoted £800+ at first until I directed him to the Renault accessory page .... https://www.renault.co.uk/vehicles/new-vehicles/kadjar/accessories.html Retractable tow bar - £615 Retracted in a single movement. Available on demand without any tools or effort required. Invisible when retracted under the bumper to preserve your KADJAR's style.
  8. tuning box

    I have just put an order in for one of these https://tdi-tuning.com/car/renault/kadjar/12-tce-128-bhp-130-ps-96-kw-205-nm-151-lbft/crtd4-multi-channel-petrol-tuning-box-chip for my 1.2TCE Petrol EDC Kadjar UK insurance with Admiral were OK with any chip 11 to 25 pc increase in BHP and raised my premium £20. So will report back in a while once 'experimented' on a quiet Sunday morning. My main reason is to increase torque for towing small an Ifor Williams box trailer loaded with motorbikes or sailing gear. I had a BMW X1 diesel 1.8 auto and that never struggled. The Kadjar with 100Nm less than this will struggle on long motorway inclines. The tuning box in its 'mode 7' you can select on its pre sets promises 253Nm and 160BHP. https://tdi-tuning.com/variant-datasheet UK company with support or dealer install locally if you unsure . Can be re programed for other vehicle makes when you tire of the Kadjar. Until end of April 10 pc off enter SPRING10 at checkout. Postage £10.
  9. Smartphone mirroring in pre-May vehicles

    Although I have a later version 3.316.941 and for I Phone 6 shows screen mirror only if NOT connected on USB cable, as the Apple Car play takes over then . Use BT to use screen mirror it seems. The Rlink2 screen mirror Icon is on the last page of multimedia, not main multi media source page. Swipe to left to see this if its there. ( the white dots at top of menu screens show number of menu screens available for a particular part of the menu tree)
  10. Great advise - thank you all above. One thing to add to foglight bulb changing - you need to remove the connector before rotating the bulb anti clock wise or I found it wont come out - the connector must catch on something. Once I did this all good. You were right to say do nearside one first to get more room to see the job, then use 'muscle memory' to do the off side one which is obscured by the washer bottle. I just removed the wheel arch liner 3 screws: bottom screw, and then inside edge lowest and one above.The wheel arch liner can be bent carefully to get an arm in - but it has a sharp edge to it so I used a rolled up cloth to protect my arm when wearing a T shirt. The fog light bulbs from Ebay you linked are a good colour match to the factory DRLs and the full LED headlights I have on the Sig Nav S model I have ( 1.2TCE EDC) .
  11. R-Link Registration Number?

    Thank you all above for the very helpful tips - the Rlink2 serial number was the biggest help, omitting the first 3 letters of the HUID information code ( this is in system information on user screens) . I have now on my USB stick ready for 4 updates the Toolbox chose for me . I will be updating the Rlink ( when I next drive more than 30 minutes to perform the update with the usb stick loaded from my mac attached to the on line Toolbox updater tool ) 1) Map of Europe V16.12 file size 4659MB along with 3 other updates named : 2) Service push ( no other info) 3) User Profiles ( no other info) 4) Coyote Series v2 Here is the info to help others in one place: User guide here : https://www.renault-multimedia.com/gbr_EN/products/r-link2-en#aides Create an Rlink store here https://gb.rlinkstore.com/home Get the tool box for mac or pc here ( scroll to bottom of page) : https://www.renault-multimedia.com/gbr_EN/estore# Use a fresh USB stick of 16Gb I would say as map updates an other things over time will add up Not sure yet if when I do another update in the future the Toolbox program will over write the older version on usb drive so there is only ever one version in place. Waiting until I have a drive of up to 30 minutes to apply these as need to be done with the engine running. The tool box also showed I have TomTom Traffic that expires in 1094 days from today. Thats good, I read that it was only a year - that sounded mean.
  12. As above its an easy fix to get a 17 inch spacesaver and jack in the boot floor with the subwoofer inside. Having a space saver on board means you can continue your journey as planned.That means a lot to me if it the journey was part of a holiday for example. Then get the tyre either fixed or replaced ( if it sidewall punctured or damaged) at your leisure and shop around for best prices, black circles for example. Yes get the RAC to change the wheel for you as that's a safer option all round ; done that a few times.
  13. Can't play music from iPhone 6s

    Thank you Darenh the key thing I missed on first reading was is it has to be a song on the i phone downloaded from i Tunes which it puts into the Apple Music folder. I already had downloaded music on my i phone in a non Apple MP3 Player App but this did not activate the Rlink into configuring my phone as a bluetooth streaming player ( even though my phone was paired as a device for calls and the phone book fully synced ) . The USB cabled CarPlay function worked first time before I got the bluetooth working ( following your advise) and would play music via the cable but this is not enough to get the Rlink to "discover services" as some other info-tainment systems can do. When a new device is paired Rlink should have been made to list the features it has discovered and allow the user to check or un check these. I can confirm the BBC iplayer Radio functions as a streamer so for example you can play programmes from the schedule or downloaded pod casts and the like.
  14. Distinctive DRLs

    Re Indicators flashing : yes as a motorcyclist in London I regard indicator lamps flashing as only a confirmation that the bulb is working. They convey no other firm information.
  15. Hi I agree with your sentiments but hold fire a day or so. I had an on line customer service chat yesterday about my eligibility too. I tried to buy this Easylife pack online but the chat said it there was a fault, go do a dealer. I rang my dealer and they said not eligible as I have a pre reg car and its only for new car sales first owner. I then returned to chat ,which was escalated to a a Renault.co.uk manager (Huw) who continued chatting and promised faithfully to call my dealer in Croydon and find out why they were saying that to me, as he checked my VIN and said I was eligible; and he agreed there is nothing in the T&Cs to say otherwise.Waiting for a call back... I did suggest he looks over this forum and see what issues keep coming up as well as complaints about wrong or misleading information being given , for example about the Rlink2 and updates fixing one feature but removing another, or TomTom traffic subscription renewals or re entering after system updates.Then there is the DAB radio re setting and general performance, water in boot or footwells and the big one now early turbo failures. I wont be using stop start ever on this engine as I am convinced this will lead to early turbo bearing failures unless Renault keep the oil pumped up to it when the engine has stopped itself in a stop-start cycle.At the very least they should have a sensor on the bearings and inhibit the stop-start if its too high; they inhibit it if the ambient air temperature is too low or the battery charge is failing.When we had turbos on private cars in the 80, & 90s the wisdom was to allow a minute of idle to let the red hot turbo and bearings cool down with a pumped oil supply.
  16. It looks good value and is a good way to keep your warranty intact. 2018 Cars are now 3 not 4 years though... Here are the T & Cs of Easylife. Note that the web page table is slightly wrong in my view for year 4 if you upgrade to £199 EasyLife , there is no 'tick' in the service item for oil drain, only oil filter - that can't be right. https://www.renault.co.uk/easylife.html Renault Cars (excl. ZE & Twingo) - The EasyLife Pack is available on eligible retail vehicles and ends when the vehicle has had 3 services or is 3 years old from registration date (whichever comes first). The pack includes 2 A (minor) Services (Safety checks, Vehicle Health Check and change of Cabin Filter) and 1 B (major) service (Safety checks, Vehicle Health Check, Oil Drain and Oil Filter). Services must be carried out in line with the manufacturer’s minimum maintenance programme requirements and servicing intervals within +/- 1 month or 1,000 miles of the service interval and can only be carried out at a Renault Approved outlet. Servicing does not include wear and tear parts including but not limited to brakes, tyres and wiper blades. To qualify you must order and purchase the EasyLife Pack from a Renault Approved outlet or Renault.co.uk before the first service or within the first 3 months from registration (whichever comes first). Cannot be part exchanged, refunded or transferred. The EasyLife pack is available on vehicles ordered and registered after 1st February 2018.
  17. here you go https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/my-renault/id1076356754?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.renault.android.myrenault&hl=en_GB also on line via a pc https://www.renault.co.uk/login-registration.html
  18. The Nissan 17 inch wheel here takes 2 or 3 days to get to supplier : http://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/nissan/nissan-40300ey40a-17-inch-spare-wheel/ The Hankook or Continental space saver 135/90/R17 can be had from BlackCircles
  19. charging a macbook pro

    Absolutely NOT! You dont say what screen size but guessing 15 inch ? This machine has an 85W mains charger. I have found that it need an invertor charger well over the rated amount for continuous use . It will get hot in use, never leave it attached without the engine running or attended. Have an on board fire extinguisher is a good idea. Try this from Sterling, not necessarily from RS, who make proper electronics and know how to rate components for power delivery. Cheaper non branded units are a fire risk. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/products/5388765/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK-PLA-DS3A-_-google-_-PLA_UK_EN_CatchAll-_-Ad+Group+Catch+All-_-PRODUCT+GROUP&matchtype=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnqzWBRC_ARIsABSMVTP3EQrYOnpbFD6MBZ452tuexE4Uip4pDUJGPqK0HNn7yHJv4R2lEGQaAj47EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  20. Hi, Am awaiting delivery Tuesday of a Renault Retail Group pre reg 18 plate 1.2Tce EDC Sig Nav and looking at service pack options. 1) The Easy Life Service for £99 is "three years" is a year 1 :service A ( pollen filter and checkover) year 2: Service B ( oil and filter change) year 3: service A ( pollen filter and checkover). https://www.renault.co.uk/easylife.html This seems poor maintenance with one oil change in 2 years? 2) The Service pack plans "2 years £229" and "3 years £399" and "4 years 459" does anyone know what these service packs actually include? https://www.renault.co.uk/owners/service-and-maintenance/maintenance/service-plans.html
  21. Can't play music from iPhone 6s

    As I understand it, stand to be corrected, you need Rlink2 version 3.3xxx not 2.2xxx . Check in vehicle settings screens centre console. Renault changed the hardware so you cannot update from 2.2xx to 3.3xx but there are some suggestions on this and other forum that you can do this via a third party firmware and software route for other cars in the Renault range that have Rlink2. This is like "jail breaking" an Apple iPhone to run extra applications - totally invalidates any warranty claims. Extreme caution needs to be taken and its often not for the faint hearted. The expression "I've bricked it" has been heard more than once around me in my job when updating firmware on broadcast electronic equipment. The last time was actually the supplying dealer of an item who popped in to update a terminal ...which then had to be rebuilt over 3 weeks.If you can take it to a third party specialist to do it that would be better.
  22. Can't play music from iPhone 6s

    Just to make sure I understand this : are you saying as long as you have some music downloaded to your iPhone then you can use Amazon ( or other) music streaming service and I hope BBC i Player Radio? Do you control the stream then from the 'audio wheel' by the steering column, or on the touch screen ?
  23. Smartphone bracket?

    Have one if these centre mounts on order https://www.brodit.co.uk/brodit/vehicles/Renault/Kadjar/2017/655141.htm there is a side one https://www.brodit.co.uk/brodit/vehicles/Renault/Kadjar/2017/605142.htm but had trouble on last car with hitting in on getting into car and it is just too easy to commit a phone offence with it by being tempted to touch it while 'driving' ( ie ignition on) . Then team it up with a phone specific mount or universal mount and you will fit many phones, particularly i phones with Mophie or other battery packs
  24. 1.2 TCE EDC

    Any updates on real mpg for town and distance as you described with full load?
  25. Another Turbo Gone

    I think we are on to something here in that the Stop-Start could be the root cause of turbo failures. "Turbo-Gate" could entail another class-action like the VW one against a 'not fit for purpose' system if it is proved to cause this premature turbo failure and engine damage. I don't know if the Renault 'CLIP' tool ( dealer software tool) can disable the feature from always activating after an engine restart ie to disable the function.I will ask my son who has just started an apprenticeship as a service technician with Renault Retail Group. I would be happy if Renault allowed us to disable it per car ownership , not as now per journey , with a user control via touch screen or say a long press on its dash (temporary) disable switch. We are allowed to turn on or off a variety of safety functions at our own risk so I don't see why we cant't be allowed to decide to look after our engines as we see fit too.