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  1. Easy Life Pack

    Just been through a long loop with customer services . As long as you are the first owner and it was a retail sale and order was Feb 2018 onwards and you did not get a big discount it can be bought within 3 months of registration. If you register with myRenault web / app then input your VIN or registration plate if you go to service pages it will offer you Easy Life if you are eligible. If not then the standard service packs are only shown.If your vehicle is very new may not show up. There is an easy life 3+1= 4 years for £199 and you get a second B service. If you do the pay monthly standard service I think they do a free MOT year 3.
  2. fuse box

    There are also fuse boxes located in the vertical sides of the dashboard where they meet the passanger and driver doors. ( Also on LHS dash above glove box facing rear of car is a panel behind which is the OBD socket)
  3. Great advise - thank you all above. One thing to add to foglight bulb changing - you need to remove the connector before rotating the bulb anti clock wise or I found it wont come out - the connector must catch on something. Once I did this all good. You were right to say do nearside one first to get more room to see the job, then use 'muscle memory' to do the off side one which is obscured by the washer bottle. I just removed the wheel arch liner 3 screws: bottom screw, and then inside edge lowest and one above.The wheel arch liner can be bent carefully to get an arm in - but it has a sharp edge to it so I used a rolled up cloth to protect my arm when wearing a T shirt. The fog light bulbs from Ebay you linked are a good colour match to the factory DRLs and the full LED headlights I have on the Sig Nav S model I have ( 1.2TCE EDC) .
  4. charging a macbook pro

    Absolutely NOT! You dont say what screen size but guessing 15 inch ? This machine has an 85W mains charger. I have found that it need an invertor charger well over the rated amount for continuous use . It will get hot in use, never leave it attached without the engine running or attended. Have an on board fire extinguisher is a good idea. Try this from Sterling, not necessarily from RS, who make proper electronics and know how to rate components for power delivery. Cheaper non branded units are a fire risk. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/products/5388765/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK-PLA-DS3A-_-google-_-PLA_UK_EN_CatchAll-_-Ad+Group+Catch+All-_-PRODUCT+GROUP&matchtype=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnqzWBRC_ARIsABSMVTP3EQrYOnpbFD6MBZ452tuexE4Uip4pDUJGPqK0HNn7yHJv4R2lEGQaAj47EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds