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  1. Can't play music from iPhone 6s

    Yeah. So much for open source! Lol
  2. Can't play music from iPhone 6s

    Your iPhone does. Your car doesn’t need it. It simply recognised the audio via the Bluetooth connection. IF you have some music already on your phone.
  3. Can't play music from iPhone 6s

    Hi MD99, Yes that’s right. I play Amazon music and use all the normal functions on the wheel and screen. But do note that it drains the phones battery a fair bit AND uses your data allowance of course. Can’t vouch for BBC iPlayer etc, haven’t tried it.
  4. I'm not sure that this is the right place to share something I found out when I took my June 2017 Signature S Nav in this month to sort some niggles. I had bought car from a Renault dealer, the front offside tyre was a budget one (I did not notice this up when I collected the car - stupid I know), I thought that was a bit off as the car had been driven by a Renault finance employee and you'd expect this person to have looked after the car properly - the wheel hadn't even been balanced! The drivers door had 'slipped' and had to be re aligned - it 'fell' about a cm when opened. And there was a disconcerting rattle inside the drivers door, sounding like something was loose. 1st point - don't buy a car from Renault that has been used by one of their finance staff - they clearly don't look after their cars. Anyway, enough of my whinges. The point of this post.... My iPhone6 S was not playing any streamed music from my Amazon account. It has worked on courtesy Capturs, and other hired vehicles recently. All the normal call features worked fine by the way. I work in tech, so I tried everything I could to get it to play music - I'm usually pretty good with this kind of thing - I even referred to the manual - most unlike me! Nothing I could do would play my streamed music. Note at this point that I did NOT have any songs actually stored on my phone - an important point. I took it in and despite the dealer service manager saying that his phone worked OK I said great, show me. 'Please play some music from your phone through the R-Link" He didn't have any music on his phone or a streaming service. It didn't work needless to say. So he got a technician out who had only recently found out - in a internal memo from Renault that he showed me - that if you don't have any music ON THE ACTUAL PHONE, the car doesn't think it is a music player and won't play music at all. Renault know about the fault and haven't told anyone, the tech said! I was advised to download a song to my phone and it would work - guess what? It did - first time. I hope that if anyone else is having he same trouble listening to some glorious Earth Wind and Fire on a streaming service - or not listening to be exact - that this information helps. Happy motoring folks. (Sings to himself... "Do you remember ... the 21st night of September" etc etc )