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  1. Hello

    Interesting. They (like all manufacturers I guess) probably realised the potential to glean a little more cash from customers ticking the options list when ordering... lol
  2. Hello

    They might work. Thanks for the link Bulldog 👍
  3. Hello

    Thanks for the link Bulldog. They are a tad expensive lol. Having used the fabric ones for a while now I was hoping for similar as they also stop insects etc from entering with the windows down. I may get in contact with UV Car Shades and see if they are planning to raelease some for Kadjar? Never know they may do some sort of development discount if I lend them the car to design against... 😂
  4. Hello

    Hi all, I’m new to the forum and have just ordered a ‘new to me’ Sig Nav 4wd in blue, taking advantage or Renaults used car event (£1000 deposit contribution and 2 years servicing). Had a good look around the forum already and will be using some of the great advice offered (spare wheel for Bose, fitting reversing camera etc). One thing I haven’t been able to find is a good quality set of fitted window shades for the back windows. I’ve fitted these to my last few cars from Vanstyle (UV car shades) but I can’t find the Kadjar on the fitting list. Has anyone found fitted shades for the Kadjar yet? thanks in advance