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    I had a Ford s max before the Kadjar which was much better software wise. I am now waiting for Connect Services to ring me but I’m not holding my breath. Renault Uk say they want to address my concerns but still won’t admit the sat nav fault exists. I’ve done a video which I am thinking of uploading to UTube perhaps then they will do something about it if it results in negative publicity?

    Thanks for your reply the dealership have now admitted they don’t know how to fix it so I am now asking for a replacement vehicle of the same spec under the Sale of Goods Act 2015 that the vehicle is defective and not fit for purpose. Will keep you posted
  3. Hi I bought my Kadjar new in May 2016.. The first week the media system went haywire and i had to drive 70 miles with the radio on full volume as it wouldn't turn off. I cant connect to R Link as it keeps showing a technical fault. I also noticed that whenever i drive through an average speed camera it keeps telling me to "reduce my speed" every 15 seconds even when I have left the motorway and come to a full stop at traffic lights. I have been back and forth to the dealers with these issues since I bought the vehicle and have been fobbed off with a software update is due out at the end of each month i have contacted them. I have also had three software updates and a new media unit fitted but the faults are still there. Renault Uk say they haven't heard of the Sat nav issue even when I forwarded them screen grabs of forum posts saying exactly the same faults as my vehicle dating back to 2016. Anyone had the same please or fingers crossed managed to get it Fixed??? Steve