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  1. R-Link update due 1st May 18

    Thx for the heads up
  2. April 2018 map update

    Didn't work
  3. April 2018 map update

    Where do you find out when the updates are due? Do you get an email from renault or just go on the rlink site?
  4. Boot Wiring help needed

    Hey all thank you for your help the garage will be replacing it
  5. Boot Wiring help needed

    Will be phoning them today don't worry
  6. Boot Wiring help needed

    Ah ooooooh shit! missing!
  7. Boot Wiring help needed

    Really where is the subwoofer?
  8. Hey all i'm new to the forum as not long ago bought a Kadjar signature nav 1.6 diesel. Can anyone please help? I was stripping out the boot the other day having a look around and came across this wire in a plastic tube hidden in the bottom, looks like something should be on the end as there are bare wires visible in the tube? I'm guessing it's been hidden because it's broken. Can anyone please help me as to what it's for as i probably need it fixing even though i don't seem to have any faults? Please see attach pics Cheers Neil