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  1. Low MPG vs Advertised on 1.2 TCE

    Cheers for the replies. Its reassuring its not just my one at least, but is a tad annoying when they advertise it with a much higher MPG. Has anyone got a "true" mpg for Eco mode?
  2. Hi, Does anyone else with a 2015+ 1.2 TCE get low MPG vs what was advertised? I am getting 29.1mpg average in the Kadjar with predominantly town & dual carriage way driving but I was expecting closer to 45mpg. My old Kia Rio 3 (1.4) produced 37mpg and was less efficient engine and same driving style. Is this a common issue, or should I get my Kadjar checked out? Thanks, Ian
  3. Who bought one from stock?

    Mine was from stock last month, but was a 2018 model luckily with all the new features.
  4. Picking her up tomorrow!

    I chose the Signature Nav. It has the small extra touches that are worth that little bit extra, especially the sun roof and the Bose system! Such an improvement. I test drove one and linked my phone to play Spotify and was blown away by how good the Bose system sounded compared to my Kia.
  5. Hi all, Picking up my new Kadjar (1.2 TCe) tomorrow. Gone from a Kia Rio, to the Kadjar as I finally want to enjoy driving something a bit nicer, and feel it's about time I had some "oompf" pulling off...the Kia had NONE! Anyway, See you around. Ian