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  1. Turbo blown

    4 weeks left to go on my warranty and looks like a turbo problem for my 1.6 4WD Kadjar too. Started making a noise this morning going to Sanremo from Cannes. Got progressively loader on the way back. In to Renault Monday. Due to go home on Wednesday (7 hour drive). Might be extending my holiday.
  2. 4WD version tyre types

    Thanks for all the info guys, puts my mind to rest. The front tyres are only about 1500km newer than the rears. So tread all round is excellent. Don’t do too much in permanent 4WD except in winter on our slippery hill. Mostly just auto when it’s wet on our small back roads.
  3. Hi guys, Just had the rear axle tyres changed on our Kadjar. They are the same make (Michelin) on that axle but differ from the make on the front axle (Pirelli’s). Having come from a Landry background where we always used the same tyre on all four corners does anyone know if this could be a problem on the Kadjar when switching to Auto 4WD mode? I’d ask my garage but I’m in France and I don’t think they’d understand the question with my limited vocabulary. I’ve checked the manual but it doesn’t say anything particular. cheers