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  1. The car went into the dealer yesterday to have the display unit replaced. There have been no resets so far and it has never gone this long without resetting before so I an cautiously optimistic that the issue is now resolved. Just disappointed that it has taken over 3 months but pleased the car is now as it should be (hopefully!)
  2. Mine goes in next Wednesday to have the display unit replaced. Fingers crossed but, like you, I am not entirely convinced that this will fix the problem
  3. Good news.... and bad. The part is apparently now in but.... wait for it, they can't fit it until May 15th. So a brand new car has a fault on day 1, they take over two months to identify the fault and to obtain a replacement part and then, despite me being on a so-call priority list, they need another month before they can fit it. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH THEM
  4. Still waiting for replacement part apparently I am on a priority list.... some joke. Lots of kind words but he car is now over two months old with the same fault that was present on day 1. Never buy a Renault!
  5. Just had a call from Renault Gloucester. They say the problem is with the display unit which needs replacing. They have ordered one and it should take 7-10 days. Watch this space :-)
  6. Went into Renault Gloucester on Wednesday. They saw the problem and said that the had never seen anything like it before. They need it in for a few days so it is booked in on Monday and I will have a courtesy car. They need to talk to the engineers in France. Renault customer relations very helpful and positive keeping in touch and saying that they will replace the computer if necessary. Will update as and when!
  7. Joy oh Joy, just had a call from Renault Cheltenham to say that they are closing down and so they have cancelled my appointment. I now have to start again with the Gloucester Renault. Taking it today for them to 'have a look at it'
  8. Thanks ulfire. I suggested that to them but they said that they had checked the battery and it was OK. They now want it in for a week but, because I need a courtesy car, they can't do that until the 19th March. I am disappointed to wait so long for them to fix a fault on a brand new car and told them so. l will post the outcome
  9. They had the car in yesterday and said that they re-booted the software and recharged the battery as it was only 80% ( I don't understand that because I had just done a 120 mile round trip in daylight). Guess what, after a few hours on the drive it reset. I will contact them as soon as they open.
  10. Actually it didn't even last a week. These faults were there on day one but I thought it was down to me not setting it up correctly. This is a picture from the computer. I reset it on the 8th (the day I picked it up) and have done some 300 miles since
  11. I am having exactly the same problem. Mine resets the average MPG and average speed to 0 also. It is only 1 week old and is booked into the dealer for investigation next Wednesday. I have also had 'Battery Low Start Engine' message (once) and on three occasions Stop/Start has stopped but failed to restart which I have had to do manually. Fast losing confidence it this car.