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  1. Your lucky how did you manage that 😄
  2. Yours will defo have the apple play then. Mine was a stock car but March 2017 build. Buy sold as an 18 plate without telling me this was not the latest version. I’m trying to find people who have bought these cars.
  3. Has anyone bought one from stock in the last few months?
  4. My New Motor

    Ow did you manage to get auto glym with your car ?
  5. Hi if you have 3. 3 version you should be ok and have the apple play in yours . It doesn’t have the mirroring you have to download . I’d just go to the dealer and get them to sort it
  6. Red bag in the boot?

    Check your invoice and sales order to see how much you’ve paid for it some dealers are sneaky
  7. Had mine new car 3 weeks and the blind spot isn’t working now . I’ve checked it’s on and it is any ideas anyone ?
  8. New Kadjar finally arrived

    How long did it take from date of order ?
  9. Yes definitely check if it’s pre may 2017 build l. I got an 18 plate and found out it was a March 2017 build. Was not s happy bunny
  10. Mellis I would like to message you as I have exactly the same issue as you how do I message you direct
  11. I have exactly the same problem car registered 3 /18 . I knew it was from stock but never did I think it wasor I told that it was built March 2017. What’s your vin number and I can tell you what month it was built. I have actually complained to the branch that they have mis sold me the car they say not. So unless Renault finance sort this I am going legal as iv been told I have most definitely been mis sold. Watch this space
  12. I just wanted to check that it came with car mats and it does 👍
  13. Does anyone have a copy of the brochure 2017 January I think it that’s that one before they did the brochure with the new rlink 2 in it please
  14. New car??

    At least the specification is visible and there in black and white to read so you can make your choice.