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  1. I know this has been posted before but has anyone had or found a fix. When listening to Heart radio on DAB the signal is lost every 5 or 6 minutes then after 1 or 2 minutes comes back, this happens contantly! Even though the station is simulcast is does not change to FM like it would on other stations. To prove that there isn't a signal problem the station can be immediately restored by swithching to any other station with the wheel on the steering column and the back to Heart, this proves no loss of signal. I have compared when being next to a VW and a Mitsubishi and both of their BAD radios work fine. Other single area station are ok and don't lose signal. Anyone who has had the same and had it fixed or found a solution would be a great help. The car has been in to a renault garage for the so called expert technicians to look at and they just fobbed me off saying DAB radios lose signals!!!!!
  2. Athena wheels.

    I had a rough quote a few days ago of £250 per rim and £24 for TPMS valves, ouch. Tyres on top of that as well.