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  1. Faulty alarm

    Having calmed down your right about the tyre- had no issue with having a puncture (these things happen) was more annoyed by the dire customer service. Renault have just been in touch and they are taking the car back in and raising the technical issue with the alarm company to try and resolve it, got to say cannot fault the effort they are making. I will be disarming the sensors of an evening so I’m not on edge all night 😄 but really want the issue sorting long term mainly so some other poor sod doesn’t have to go through all this if I sell it. Thanks for the replies, Kelly
  2. Faulty alarm

    Update (another long post sorry).....I’ve had the worst day ever with the delearship I don’t like to be so negative but honestly I’m at my wits end. Agreed to collect the car while they wait for alarm company for advice but say alarm hasn’t activated at all and they don’t think it’s faulty..on collection the car parked exactly where I left it....doesn’t looked to have moved at all and about 150m (round a corner) from the service area where they are supposed to know if it’s gone off. Set off driving and puncture warning comes (didn’t have a puncture when I dropped it off) on so pull back in and ask mechanics to check it as I have to drive 20 miles home in torrential rain. To cut a long story short mechanic refused to blow tyre up and just reset puncture alarm without telling me as they were too busy...after I got manager involved they inflated it but still couldn’t see the problem with not doing that initially! Had the car back 7 hours and alarm gone off again 😡 so I now have a faulty alarm and a puncture! I genuinely don’t know how to take this forward...Renault have been helpful so far but don’t seem to be taking me seriously as the garage said it not activated. I also found out that previous owner had exactly same problem but this doesn’t seem to hold any sway with them. Thsnk you for all your answers...I feel better knowing others have had the same problems. I have resorted at night to disarming the internal sensors which does work but according to records the previous owner had new internal sensors so I can only assume it’s a bigger problem than just that. I will be ringing Renault after the Bank holiday and only thing I think is to demand a complete new alarm and they can keep the car till it’s done (regardless of time).
  3. Faulty alarm

    Thank you everyone, update from dealers they waiting for advice from the alarm company in Romania I believe but as the alarm hasn’t sounded in the day while it’s there they aren’t going to do anything else at moment I’m off to pick car back up armed with phone video for any future triggers so I can at least prove it’s happening. I’m going to try all the ideas and fingers crossed something works....thank you again.
  4. Evening, I’ve been following this forum since I bought my 15 plate Kadjar in August 2017 and am desperately hoping for some advice. Apologies in advance for the long post. My Kadjars alarm doesn’t seem to like me (or anyone on my street) sleeping! Since I bought it it routinely goes off in the middle of the night for no reason...no pattern really to day/time but usually between the hours of midnight and 6am. It also goes off in the day occasionally but I only know this from the beeps when I unlock car as I’m usually at work. Following some older threads on here I’ve tried the obvious things like adjusting the internal sensor pillars, Ive even out of pure desperation for my neighbours used blutack over them but nothing has worked. The final straw was the alarm blaring all the way into work down a busy street with nothing working to switch it off. It’s now been in the dealers for 6 days but they are saying it’s not triggered once while in there (not sure how this is possible when it’s only ever gone 3 days before). They did tell me that the last owner complained of the same issue and had the internal sensors replaced but they’ve drawn a blank with mine and looks like nothing will be done as the alarm hasn’t triggered. The advice I got from Renault was that it might be cats?!? But I owned a Captur for 3 years without any problems and unless the neighbourhood cats are now on steroids I think this is unlikely. I know it’s a big ask but does anyone have any advice or have you been through a similar thing? Thanks from a very tired owner.