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  1. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    i read in Greece that will be ready in 2019.
  2. 1.2 TCE EDC

    1300 km and the trip is now 6.8lit/100km 600 km in town 700km in motorway
  3. france

    very nice!!!
  4. tuning box

    Goodmorning, has anyone put a tunning box to increase power and torque of his car? i have seen a lot of tuning boxes from different companies. i am interesting for the 1.2 petrol engine 130 hp. From 130 hp goes to 160+ and torgue from 20,5 to 24,5 Nm.
  5. my kadjar

    very beautifull color indeed.
  6. my kadjar

    here is my Kadjar, 1.2 petrol dynamic (is like sat nav ), color beige dune.
  7. tuning box

    in Greece i dont believe i have problems with insurance., i dont have remmaping the car. i prefer to do the 2-3000 miles first. remapping is undo only when put the oem program of the car.
  8. My New Motor

    very beautiful!!!!
  9. 1.2 TCE EDC

    i have done 700 km so far, the trip says 7,1 lit/100 km . 300 km i done it in highway and the rest in town.
  10. My new toy

    super!! i like this color very mutch. i take mine in the same color as you. perfect!!
  11. Spotted two poo colour kadjars

    beige dune is the color. i ordered mine in this color ilike it . and in Greece the metal color is not charged.
  12. tuning box

    news for remapping. 3 offers 1. from 130 bhp to 145 bhp and from 20,5 Nm to 23,5 Nm cost 400 euros (dyno before and after the remapping) 2. from 130 bhp to 145 bhp and from 20,5 Nm to 23,5 Nm cost 350 euros (dyno before and after the remapping) He will take cars data and save them so if it happens something (never had any of this in the past) to put it again in the car so i will have no problem with waranty. 3. from 130 bhp to 160-165 bhp and from 20,5 Nm to 26,5 Nm cost 550 euros plus 70 euros for dyno . The remmaping is not traceble by renault's equipment he said to me. The two first said to me that it is better to do 2000 miles and after do the remapping. the third one said that is up to me If i want to wait to do the mileage or not.
  13. tuning box

    if you take it off and go to Renault they dont see anything in the cars electronic . i had o remap in my skoda octavia 2 vrs 200hp tfsi . after remaping the car was 240 hp . i dont know what a tuning box is doing what is promising.
  14. Renault has just unveiled a brand new engine which they have developed in collaboration with Daimler and Nissan. The motor will be available in three states of tune. In its lowest tune, badged the Energy TCe 115 the 1.3 litre turbo engine makes 115bhp and 220Nm of torque and will come mated with a manual transmission. Then you have the TCe 140 which makes 140bhp and 240Nm and also gets dual clutch option. The TCe 160 makes a 160bhp and makes 260Nm with a manual gearbox and 270Nm with a dual clutch. The highlight of the engine is extremely good low-end torque and a linear power delivery which is thanks to the use of numerous Nissan-Renault ‘innovations’ including Bore Spray Coating, designed to cut friction in the cylinder, and a high-pressure fuel-injection system working at 250bar. A unique combustion chamber is aimed at improving the air/fuel mixture, and a ‘dual variable camshaft timing’ system to vary the intake and exhaust valves depending on engine load. The engine is all set to debut in the Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic before making its way into other models in 2018. Expect the engine to make its way into Renault's Indian range of models as well. https://www.carwale.com/news/renault-unveils-new-turbocharged-13-litre-petrol-engine-32193/ will this engine put in the kadjar too?
  15. is it wise to cansell the order for 1.2 tce and wait for the kadjar with the new engine?
  16. tuning box

    example https://www.cpa-chiptuning.de/en/chiptuning-Renault-Kadjar-1-2-TCe-130/motortuning_2920.htm http://www.dieseltuningbox.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=85_144_499&product_id=1181