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  1. Proposed starting a new forum

    Same here there is so much info on here I would not want to loose it ...
  2. Carrying 4 bikes on roof advice

    All jokes aside I have carried bikes on the roof 3 there would be a lot of drag on 4 bikes. We had a crv and the roof rails were bolted into place the kadjar fixing points look a little light weight compared to the crv. The best make would be Thule they have the most comprehensive list ...
  3. Carrying 4 bikes on roof advice

    I think this guy had the same idea ...
  4. Power increase 1.6 4x4

    Just got back from trip away and had two good climbs and went up with ease, going to leave it alone.... very good tow car have not seen another on the road towing, could be the problems with yow bars when they 1st came out.... I should know a bit about towing drove hgv1 all my life, bit of a bus mans holiday
  5. Towing

    Was thinking the same... just got back home from Port Eynon the climb back up to the heads of the valleys has two good hills, it flew up them with ease. So going to leave it as it is.... I have to say it’s very stable at speed and the short gears which are a pain solo are a joy towing... 2000rmp at 64 is spot on ... happy days
  6. Has anyone had a chip or remap done, 1.6 4x4 what is the benefit- does it do much. Lots on line but would like to know first hand... looking for more torque .... I know thé engines are de tuned for longevity would it shorten the life of components turbo, clutch etc ... regards
  7. Towing

    Yes it is the 1.6 4x4 not seen another one towing.. very stable and was very level the crv was always nose down on the front of the caravan.. must have a higher tow ball on the kadjar .. going to see how it goes over the next few trips away.... may look at a remap or power box to increase power.... if not happy and think we need more pulling power ..
  8. Towing

    First time away after fitting the tow bar... it was very stable at speeds up to 65ish.. the van has a weight of 1400 kg... did not have the grunt of the 2.2 Honda CR-V but was more than up to the job... very happy..
  9. Future Kadjar Owner Advice Needed

    Mines 1.6 4wd just had a 1100 ml trip to France average mpg 54 speeds around 70 love the car most relaxed so 100 commute would be a joy ... would go for the 1.6 over the 1.5 got more punch.... hope this helps
  10. Word of warning about stalling

    Just thought auto start was the same not noticed the speed when it was activated. It’s a good tool knowing that when you stall it will restart ...
  11. Word of warning about stalling

    If stop start had been activated it would have restarted as soon as you dipped the clutch.. it’s happened to me and dipped clutch and away you go ...,
  12. Boot Wiring help needed

    Where did you buy the car go back and ask them to replace it... had a few posts on here where subs are missing.. I have seen some on eBay for sale
  13. Boot Wiring help needed

    Could be the wire for the sub woofer
  14. I know I can update it just never got around to doing it ... it is greed on renaults part the cost of a new car and 1 yrs updates is not enough. You would have thought 4yrs map updates when you have a service plan keeps it all with in the warranty.... Never mind still love the car..
  15. Sad before on this post I have a tom Tom one not been updated since 2010 and is a better unit, cannot understand why Renault would use tom Tom technology and not give the driver the best unit it could......