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  1. LED headlights

    I see that in cold countries where they sell kadjars with LED headlights, they have washers. I know we don't have lots of snow but my old crv had them and they were handy to keep the headlights clean. Big problem with LED is no heat comes from them to melt the snow, so I have had to stop and clear them... when its the Bose model like mine you would think it would have them... Anybody had the same problems..
  2. No eco badge just 4wd on the rear...

    40,000 on a set Never in my life have I had anything near that... The kadjar has 19 inch 225,45.19 lots of tyres surface so this will never get any where near 40,000 you was doing good to get 16.000 +.. will post what fuel econ and tyres wear garage I bought the car from fitted Accelera PHI R ... Reading reports about these tyres are good in the dry but not so good in the wet..
  4. Ours ii a May 2016 1.6 4x4 it also has eco mode, I live in the South Wales valleys so its very hilly and in eco mode its a pain will almost stall unless you have a very heavy foot, and very flat when pulling away from roundabouts. It does show on dash when its switched on...I love it was very good in the snow and very happy with it, but eco mode is pants....
  5. Hey chap less of the attitude , you stated that some times street names are there and sometimes they are not .. I said that when I use a tom tom the street name are there, for reference... if your looking for a point of reference or a street.. enough said .. .. so not saying your rubbish or your comment is rubbish.. your the one who got the wrong end of the stick.!!!!!!!!
  6. That's a bit rubbish sometimes your driving and looking for a street name that you know is off the road your on..
  7. Crome grill

    I have fitted rear fog lights surrounds and it does brighten up the rear, its a bit bland at the rear otherwise. My next door neighbour has a Megan estate 2011 their rear lights have chrome as standard.. looks ok
  8. Snow days

    Yes its mine may think about a set of 17 inch for winter ... thanks guys
  9. Snow days

    Well having owned an Xtrail and a Honda CRV both 4wd for the last 12 years. I must say my new toy is as good as the other two the tyres are a problem 225,45,19, the 4x4 system is Nissan and the lock setting is as good as the xtrail.... Only problem is the warning settings going off every sec lol does not like 3 Ft of snow around the car.. In eco mode does tend to stall when it gets bogged down ...But loving it..
  10. Rear view mirror

    Same with my old Honda crv the one light is to show the dim is on the mirror and the other is the sensor the pick up the head lights behind you ... hope this helps..