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  1. This is whats happening

  2. This is whats happening

    Same here no email
  3. Towbar Electrics

    The genuine 13 pin from Renault is around £75 which is less than half the price of some on the net. It’s just plug and play. You do need to have the dealer to reset the clip, or you will have to turn of rear alarms using the. r-link If you need to use a 7 pin set up you can buy the adapter lead
  4. Alarm system question

    This does work just came back on ferry and when we leave the dog in the car, it also knocks off the tilt switch when being towed .
  5. Towbar Electrics

    I have a bose and the rear senors do switch of automatically dealer need to plus in and there is a clip. Then when the caravan/ trailer is connected there is a message on dash trailer connected/ rear sensors off
  6. Towbar Electrics

    Fitted gen retractable bar and gen 13 pin kit ... all wires are behind carpet on near side. You have two spurs for right side inde. Fog etc
  7. Updates

    Any news regarding the status of the forum ,,, not had any new posts or input from anybody for a while ...
  8. Boot Wiring help needed

    Where did you buy the car go back and ask them to replace it... had a few posts on here where subs are missing.. I have seen some on eBay for sale
  9. Boot Wiring help needed

    Could be the wire for the sub woofer
  10. It was not connected to a 12v just tried it to see how it worked sounds like something has has jammed.. I hope you get it sorted
  11. I hope you get it sorted sorry I could not be of help ...
  12. Have you fitted the cable housing bracket .... I would pull the cable out and try and pull the cable using a pair of grips. This is only because you may have twisted the cable when routing it through the bodywork...
  13. I have to say when I fitted mine I did not remove that cap it worked out of the box. I did pull the cable before I clipped the cable so the tow bar was retracted on the garage floor plz see pics attached.
  14. Can see now you fitted it yourself. I did release mine when the bumper was off and pulled the cable before fitting the pull housing bracket.
  15. Fitted mine myself there is no locking position.just pull cable and it should come down. The housing the pull switch is located in can be unscrewed two screws there is an outer locating clip that holds the outer sleeve it could have slipped so the cable is not detaching the locking mechanism. Is this the 1st time you have tried to unlock it , when I fitted mine the cable has to run a specific route so I wounder if the cable is twisted around part or the two bar .. I hope it helps do you have the fitting instructions I will post son pics of the instructions if you want..