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  1. Brand new, picked it up on 22 March.
  2. Just ordered these, LED replacements for all interior lights. There is also an option to buy Number Plate lights. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renault-Kadjar-LED-Interior-Kit-Premium-SMD-10-White-Light-Bulbs-Error-Free-Set/282416442996?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  3. OK, repaired the dome lights, and found out that the most recent Kadjars including mine already have interior LED lights (that was what the mini pcb was). So do NOT purchase this LED kit if you have a recent build Kadjar!
  4. I've received them, but haven't got round to fitting them yet ....Oh well, I may as well admit to my epic fail - I did start to fit the dome light ones, but cocked up the simple task of removing the light covers and ended up with a mini pcb from one and both button springs flying off and ending up between the drivers seat and the centre console! Managed to retrieve them, re-fitted the pcb, but now the buttons don't function. However, I have successfully fitted the window auto close module and the electric tailgate! (Thanks darenh for the very useful 'how to')
  5. Coyote...worth having??

    Just had a notification on the r-link toolbox that Coyote v2 is available to download. I am given to understand it gives real time notifications of accidents/road closures. Does anyone already have it, and if so, does it do what it says on the tin?
  6. My New Motor

    I believe he opted for the Lifeshine (protection) treatment from the dealer. When you have this, you get a bag of Autoglym goodies as part of the deal.
  7. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Browsing through the German forum, came across a thread discussing the proposed facelift. Updated model rumoured to be available late this year. Changes to body sculpture front and rear, and addition of the larger r-link screen. Couple of pics ....note the colour coded mirrors. And don't those seats look all fabric? Mind you, no 'Bose' speakers and sunroof, so probably just a test vehicle.
  8. Coyote...worth having??

    Done a bit of digging, found a few very old threads regarding Coyote. Seems it's popular in France, but not really worth having in the UK - it's community based, and relies on people sending in alerts regarding speed cameras, accidents etc. I don't think it's worth installing....
  9. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    Seems it's definitely happening....see this link (note the shark fin antenna) https://www.motor1.com/news/237061/renault-kadjar-facelift-spied/amp/
  10. My Kadjar was registered/collected on 22 March; It was a factory build (ordered in December). Despite this, according to Renault I don't qualify for the EasyLife Pack, and also my Warranty is for 3 years not 4...despite having ordered before the February deadline. My dealer tells me that I'm not the only one in this situation, and they are currently hitting a brick wall trying to get a resolution from Renault. Just wondering if this is not resolved soon, whether I have grounds for rejecting the vehicle. I don't want to, because to date I am more than happy with the car itself. BUT...I am a man of principle.
  11. charging a macbook pro

    You are best off buying a twin port USB charger that plugs in to your 12v DC outlet. You can pick one up for a few pounds.
  12. Fuel flap please help.

    Looks superb...I am guessing you just use it to show at vintage car rallies? I had a Singer Gazelle in the late 60's. I remember that the handbrake was between the door and the bench seat, and she did 80 mph at full throttle!
  13. just ordered

    To be honest, I don't think there is a 'bad' colour - but Renault could have pushed the boat out and offered more colour options than the 6 on offer. I have to say, the Dune (classic gold ) colour does look very nice on the photo - it contrasts with the black trim and front grille very nicely. For me, it was just personal taste. The other half still prefers the Dune to the Grey....she says grey is for old men. But there again, I am about to turn 67 in May lol
  14. just ordered

    I think that the choice of colour for your car is subjective, and boils down to personal taste. So long as you are happy with your choice, who gives a damn what others think? My first colour choice was Dune...that is, until I actually saw a Dune Kadjar on the supermarket carpark and just didn't like the look of it it at all! Mind you, I am red/green colourblind, and according to my wife, this affects how I see all other colours. Luckily I still had time to change the colour choice and went for Grey. Nice neutral colour, even I can see it!!
  15. My New Motor

    Picked up my Kadjar (also had it 2 weeks) from the detailers today. It has had the full paint treatment and ceramic protection, including the wheels and interior. Looking good I think. Whether it still looks like this a few months down the line is another question!
  16. just ordered

    Welcome to the forum! Out of curiosity, what colour have you gone for? Seems Red and Blue are the most popular. I picked up my grey Kadjar a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with it so far. No problems with r-link, Android Auto works fine as does the SatNav. Having it detailed and ceramic coated by a detailing professional (2 day job). He told me I was wise not to get the paintwork 'lifetime protection' offered by the dealer which is normally inexpertly done in a couple of hours over unprepared paintwork (his words, not mine). Looking forward to collecting it back tomorrow to see the result.
  17. Apple car play

    No, only vehicles which left the factory since June 2017 (with r-link version 3.3.x.x) have Apple carplay and Android Auto capability. Unfortunately, earlier r-link versions cannot be upgraded.
  18. Picking her up tomorrow!

    Daniel66 was asking where he can get a spare tyre set...He hasn't replied....I was going to link him to where he can buy a QQ+2 17" space saver wheel and jack. (Assuming he has a BOSE subwoofer, otherwise he only needs a 16" wheel). I am pleased to report that the R-Link2 with the latest software on my shiny new Kadjar is behaving itself impeccably. I feel genuinely sorry for the early adopters, who have been completely let down by Renault UK regarding their refusal to offer any upgrade path for the earlier V2 R-Link versions.
  19. Picking her up tomorrow!

    What spec have you gone for? Has it got a BOSE sound system?
  20. New Kadjar finally arrived

    3 months....I ordered it in December, and was given the 1st. March as an estimated delivery date. The bad weather, and the fact that I changed my colour choice put the delivery date back 3 weeks. It left the factory in Spain on 24th February.
  21. Finally collected my factory order Kadjar Sig Nav Tce165 today. Titanium Grey, Parking pack premium and side steps. Very happy so far.....(Don't you love that new car smell). No obvious build problems that I can see (yet). Android Auto fired up with no problems which was my main R-Link2 concern. Early days, only had it a few hours so need a while to get to know the ins and outs. I fitted a QQ+2 17" Spacesaver wheel and ditched the gunk the Kadj came with. The BOSE subwoofer fits perfectly in the wheel. I would never have known to do this without the very helpful and informative posts on this Forum!!
  22. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    Regardless of which Country the point of sale is in,The Kadjar Leather pack does use real leather, not vinyl. According to the brochure, "The finest hand selected hides are carefully crafted and fitted to all front/rear seating, along the doors and central armrest". Those vehicles without the bespoke leather pack use vinyl of course.
  23. New car??

    Did you do a factory order (normally a 3 month+ wait) or was it a stock car? If you ordered a bespoke new build vehicle, and the build date is verified as April 2017 then I would say you are well within your rights to reject the car
  24. daytime lights fault

    I was hoping to be in a position to answer the last post, as I should have picked up my new Kadjar today, but zilch heard from the dealer. When I rang him, he said 'be patient', he will contact me as and when it arrives. A bit disappointing, was given the 1st March originally, then today, but it's not all bad - they gave me a trade in price on my current car (15 plate Insignia) back in December, and they will honour this price regardless of the mileage added until I hand over the vehicle to them on collection of the Kadjar.
  25. Dab radio

    There are indeed DAB radios that have on board storage and are capable of pausing/rewinding live programmes. I don't know whether the Kadjar radio has this capability (a few days yet before I collect my new Kadjar) but I do know that this feature isn't standard on all DAB receivers, so would guess the answer is no...