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  1. New car??

    Did you do a factory order (normally a 3 month+ wait) or was it a stock car? If you ordered a bespoke new build vehicle, and the build date is verified as April 2017 then I would say you are well within your rights to reject the car
  2. daytime lights fault

    I was hoping to be in a position to answer the last post, as I should have picked up my new Kadjar today, but zilch heard from the dealer. When I rang him, he said 'be patient', he will contact me as and when it arrives. A bit disappointing, was given the 1st March originally, then today, but it's not all bad - they gave me a trade in price on my current car (15 plate Insignia) back in December, and they will honour this price regardless of the mileage added until I hand over the vehicle to them on collection of the Kadjar.
  3. Dab radio

    There are indeed DAB radios that have on board storage and are capable of pausing/rewinding live programmes. I don't know whether the Kadjar radio has this capability (a few days yet before I collect my new Kadjar) but I do know that this feature isn't standard on all DAB receivers, so would guess the answer is no...
  4. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    Picking mine up in a few days; looking forward to it but I can't help wondering how long it will be until I'm head butting the keyboard!! Glad now that I bought it outright and didn't go down the PCP route...at least if I am unlucky enough to experience any major problems I can offload it. NOT the way I should be thinking before even taking possession I know
  5. Qashqai Convert

    I stand corrected....meant to say QQ+2!
  6. Qashqai Convert

    Is your Qashqai the Mk 2 version? Hopefully yes, because if you use the spacesaver wheel from the older version (16") the Bose subwoofer will sit slightly proud and you will also need a longer retaining bolt. No problems with the QQ Mk 2 which has a 17" spacesaver and the subwoofer is a perfect fit.
  7. New Member saying Hi...

    As you say turboted10, the aesthetics are down to personal taste. One mans meat and all that.... What I know about Kadjar wind noise is only that gleaned from the information posted by Forum members (not having driven the test drive vehicle at fast enough speeds to be able to make a judgement) but as I am a 'Vaper' and therefore will be having my window slightly open when I have a few puffs, I think I'll go with the deflectors, for the front at least. As Gwyn says, in inclement weather they will deflect the rain as well as the wind! Having said that, have you seen this article https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/922398/vaping-while-driving-UK-law-e-cigarette
  8. New Member saying Hi...

    Thanks Gwyn, just what I was hoping to hear!
  9. New Member saying Hi...

    Well, it seems from the lack of replies no-one can help me out answering my query.....possibly no-one on the Forum has wind deflectors fitted? Got my collection date (13 March), dealer told me their guys will check that all RLink software is current before vehicle is handed over to me.
  10. Hi there....been browsing this forum for a while now, it's a brilliant source of information thanks to all you helpful Kadjar owners who take the time and trouble to post both the good and bad points about this car. I am due to collect my new 18 plate Kadjar some time in mid March (haven't got an exact delivery date yet). I've gone for the Signature Nav 165 tce in Titanium grey with side steps and premium parking pack. Anyone out there who has fitted the wind deflectors to their windows? I've heard 2 sides of the coin on these: Someone said they are removing theirs because it exaggerates the wind noise at speed, and others have said the opposite in that it has actually cured their wind noise problem. Also, can I expect the latest R-Link2 software and map versions to be already installed? I believe the vehicle has left the factory and is en-route to the UK.