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  1. New member

    Hi and welcome to the forum! I've only had my Kadjar for a couple of months and so far I haven't had any major issues, but thanks to very useful information on the site I have fitted an electric tailgate and auto close window module. Without this information I would never have attempted to install these myself. If there ever is a problem, then invariably the solution has already been shared on the site, and if not then you can guarantee that you will receive suggestions how to solve it.
  2. Proposed starting a new forum

    As Roxy1234 states, this forum contains a wealth of useful information, and it would be a shame to lose it all. But if there is absolutely no way of rehosting the existing Forum intact to a new provider (and without Shedder101 having access to the Admin CP I don't think there is) then starting again from scratch seems the only viable option. What must be must be.
  3. Interior light fuse

    No worries....I guessed that you had missed my initial post as you are always very helpful and normally very quick to respond
  4. R-Link Screen Protector

    Much better price!!
  5. If you are fed up with fingerprints and dirt/scratches on your R-Link screen, this product is worth buying. https://www.amazon.co.uk/LFOTPP-Tempered-Navigation-Protector-Renault/dp/B072V5CN3R It is not a plastic film, but tempered glass, which just push fits onto your screen. It is simple to clean without having to worry about scratching, and in my opinion, the display is noticeably sharper!
  6. Interior light fuse

    Sorted the problem, had to remove the glovebox door to access and replace the fuse...what a pain. Auto headlights must be on the same circuit because it cured that problem as well.
  7. Voice Guidance

    From the R-Link Menu, go to Navigation>Settings>Voice and check the Voice function is enabled.
  8. Interior light fuse

    I jumped in the Kaj this morning, and noticed the courtesy lights didn't come on. The Vanity mirror lights also fail to illuminate when opening the covers. I went to remove and check the interior light 10A fuse in the glovebox fuseholder, and unlike in your photos darenh, the fuse is too high up to even see, let alone access. Despite amazing the neighbours with the various contortionist acts I performed trying to get access, the glovebox door stops me getting my head low enough to see the top of the fusebox. I can only see as high as the brown connectors with the red wires, not above it. My question to you darenh....Did you have to remove the glovebox door?? I am also guessing this problem with the interior lighting is related to the 'Check Automatic Headlights' error message that appeared at the same time.
  9. Hello

    Just found some magnetic shades for the Kadjar for just under £37 for a pack of 2 - can be used with the windows down I think - here's the link: https://www.magnetic-car-sun-shades.com/Renault_Kadjar_2015-2018_Magnetic_Car_Sun_Shades_2_Pack/p2917874_15304356.aspx
  10. X2 loud beeps on locking??

    I'll join the band of beepers! Mine also beeps twice when locking, which I thought was quite normal until reading this thread. Must agree with terryp though that I actually prefer an audible locking confirmation.
  11. Hello

    There are these, but quite expensive.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/protection-privacy-sunshades-RENAULT-Art-59436-5/dp/B01BSSS9QE
  12. Brand new, picked it up on 22 March.
  13. OK, repaired the dome lights, and found out that the most recent Kadjars including mine already have interior LED lights (that was what the mini pcb was). So do NOT purchase this LED kit if you have a recent build Kadjar!
  14. I've received them, but haven't got round to fitting them yet ....Oh well, I may as well admit to my epic fail - I did start to fit the dome light ones, but cocked up the simple task of removing the light covers and ended up with a mini pcb from one and both button springs flying off and ending up between the drivers seat and the centre console! Managed to retrieve them, re-fitted the pcb, but now the buttons don't function. However, I have successfully fitted the window auto close module and the electric tailgate! (Thanks darenh for the very useful 'how to')
  15. My New Motor

    I believe he opted for the Lifeshine (protection) treatment from the dealer. When you have this, you get a bag of Autoglym goodies as part of the deal.