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  1. R Link 2 Help

    LOL - Map updates! trust me you've not missed a thing!
  2. New Front Tyres

    Fitted Budget Tyers to mine just before I chopped it in no issues with grip and were not as noisy as the conts
  3. R-Link update.

    Fabulous ! although ironically the SAT NAV Display layout isn't as good as the Kadjar - no Junction views or route signs but the maps are up to date! can't have everything
  4. R-Link update.

    Rlink is a scandal they are selling cars with a component that is not fit for purpose and Renault will not acknowledge the issues. I no longer own a Kadjar, a car which I liked very much i can't say the same for Renault. In the past I did contact BBC Watchdog and also BBC Radio You & Yours but unless they get enough complaints the won't take up the story. I even posted on here to ask other Forum member to do the same and let me no if they had - i didn't get a single reply despite the post being viewed by over a hundred people. I don't understand why you guys just except paying £25k for a car that is not fit for purpose
  5. Good bye Kadjar!

    Yes I was very disappointed to see the non illuminated controls on the koleos - just cant see why they wouldn't do as other makes, even my partners Seat Ibiza has every switch and control illuminated, has one shot on every window and you can use the remote to open and close all windows.
  6. Good bye Kadjar!

    Not sure Ive got a good deal on a top of the range showroom model
  7. Changing the Kadjar for a Seat Ateca Mainly to get a better Tow Vehicle - I do love the Kadjar and was offered a new Koleos on a good deal but when I looked at it its got the same things missing on it as the Kadjar such as no illuminated door switches only one auto window etc and the other big negative is it to has the Rlink !
  8. Oct 17 Map Update

    I sent them the proof of purchase for the £75 for 1 year subscription and they returned a cheque for said amount!
  9. Oct 17 Map Update

    Yes I did and got Renault to refund me!
  10. Oct 17 Map Update

    June 2016
  11. Oct 17 Map Update

    1st had the dealer update then download the Map update from Rlink store
  12. I give up ! updated my Maps to October 2017 with great excitement only to find the maps are still nowhere near up to date. used a road yesterday which has been open for at least 2 years and and still not on the SAT NAV!
  13. Terrible Continental Tyres!

    Do't know what make they are just went on the RAC website and selected like for like size rating etc
  14. Koleos

    I've been offered a deal on a new Koleos seem to be a good deal but is the Koleos just a bigger Kadjar with all the same issues?? Anyone got any views or reports on the Koleos
  15. Terrible Continental Tyres!

    I've just had Budget tyres fitting to the Front £80 each no where near as noisy as the continentals and no difference to handling! Tyres changed a 17k lets see how long these last.