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  1. Quick update on what happened at the local garage They have replaced my headlights but have warned that it may happen again, Renault know there is a problem and are apparently looking into it. But for now I’m actually a happy customer.
  2. Just a quick update on what’s happening everyone. renault main dealer have admitted to a problem with the car but need to test it for 24 hours and report back to Renault technical only then will I get new lights installed l. Not good for a brand new car.
  3. Great stuff thanks for the reply taking it in tommorow so I’ll update when I know what they say, I suspect they will tell me that it’s not an issue
  4. Hi all my first post here and first time Renault Kadjar owner. okay so I have had the car now for 24 hours, it has done only 24 miles. when I got to work today I’ve found that both headlights have a minor condensation around the edges and in the middle. spoke to Renault Nottingham and have been told that this is normal but to bring it I do they can have a look at it. does anyone have any experience with this and what I should do?