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  1. Sat Nav Small Maps

    The large map is fine. Can zoom in and out and also show the speed cameras which the small one doesn't. Will try a reset as you suggest. Many thanks.
  2. Hi Don't know if I a having a senior moment or not but my granddaughter was messing around with the Sat Nav and zooming it in and out. Now when I have the small screen on (ie the radio in the right hand side of the screen and the maps in the left hand side) the map shows an area of approx 10 miles and the speed camera symbols do not appear along with street names. I seem to recall them being there before (or maybe I am wrong) so I would be grateful if anyone could advise. Ivan
  3. USB player album order

    Hi Just wondering if anybody has sussed this out yet as whatever I do I can't get the tracks on the USB stick to play in the order I want. My previous car VW Golf had no problem playing them in order of the track number but R-Link just wants to play them in alphabetical order. The File structure is set out as follows I main folder labelled "Hits of 1986" Inside that folder are 52 folders labelled with the date of the charts ie 01-1st Jan 02-8th Jan etc Inside each folder of the week are the tracks numbered 01-Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love 02-Prince - Kiss etc The MP3 Files have been tagged with Title and Artist and today I tried tagging them with track numbers ie 1/32 2/32 3/32 etc but despite this if I select the any folder for example it still plays them in alphabetical order. Any help will be much appreciated with sorting this. Ivan