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  1. Hi, greykadjar - whereabouts are you located, how much are you looking for?



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    2. Steve B

      Steve B

      Ok thanks its 07790 456663.





    3. greykadjar


      Hi it’s 17 inch I think it’s all brand new was looking for 110 comes with jack etc ,I am in East London if any good to you 

    4. Steve B

      Steve B

      Thanks, I'll give it some thought.

  2. The grand tour

    Did any one else see the way clarkson said a few words about the kadjar slating it off in episode 3
  3. Niggles???

    Only problem I had was with r link now that's sorted brilliant car
  4. Hello from West Sussex

    I also have kadjar but went to test track day as was very impressed with the Megane sport might be time to get it instead
  5. How do you rate your dealer?

    Got mine from Romford gallows corner ,was excellent from being with Peter kept update car was delayed a week or two due to airbag recall put pleased with service ,
  6. Auto pairing

    U must not have upgraded ur software as if was marshmallow it wouldn't work until u get the link update
  7. Hopefully

    Glad u are enjoying the lovely beast the car is I managed to get a full tank from great dealership at Romford
  8. Hopefully

    As long as it don't breakdown like a lot do
  9. Had all that from day one remember to swip screen all the way to the left may help
  10. Speedo

    Mine is on the speedo one minute says 40 or whatever the road speed is then it's just a circle with a line though it sometimes it takes ages to come back on
  11. Speedo

    Does anyone else lose the speed cameras etc , I have been on a few trips and had no service on speed cameras warnings nothing thanks
  12. Windscreen surround - hot weather?

    Hope it makes it back like that very dodgy
  13. Speed Camera Alerts

    Mine disappeared altogether sometimes
  14. Oh right another lie the dealer told me
  15. Probably more lies to keep us quiet and if true will the dealers get in touch with us no more chasing them and probably two or three weeks before there is space to it in so fed up with this issue and can't go down on the software unless u root the phone then no warranty on ur phone that has two years warranty joke this issue is