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  1. Hi, do anyone have a problem with the fader resetting itself to center balance whenever you turn off your car? The sound would be balanced when I turn on my car even though it shows up as all front in my car (which is my previous setting). Only when I adjust the fader does the sound update itself with the actual position of the fader.... It happened on my kadjar and renault Singapore said they checked another kadjar which was in their workshop and it had the same issue. So they concluded it’s a universal issue. Is it true for you guys?
  2. Hi guys, has anyone removed the tweeter grill cover at the front of the dashboard before? Able to guide me on how to do that? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am wondering if there are any passive speaker tweeter crossovers in my non-bose kadjar. I feel that my tweeter volume is too low and want to turn it up. From my experience with previous cars, component speakers usually have a passive crossover where you can set -3, 0, +3 db to adjust the tweeter to speaker interactions. Has anyone removed the door panel and noticed a crossover which can be adjusted before? It usually comes as a box.
  4. Auto gear change quadrant lighting.

    I went to check the light at the gear quadrant on my first version kadjar. I cannot notice it being lit, if any it must be very faint. When you mention lit do you mean in a very dim and barely noticeable way?