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  1. DAB Heart Radio doesn't work in Greater London area

    After the software update that I was booked in for just after Xmas, and an extra one that technical services found it seems like they have given up trying and have said they will change the radio itself. A couple of weeks later I get told that the dealer is talking to Renault multimedia to make sure the replacement unit is compatible with the system in my kadjar! So yet more delays in getting it sorted, I'll let you know what happens and whether it gets fixed or not as and when it happens.
  2. I had 1 lot of updates at the end of last year and about to go in for another lot next week. I've been having radio and screen freezing problems since I picked it up new in march last year so I keep in touch with technical support
  3. Touch Screen Feeeze's

    I have this problem too, they are aware of the problem of it freezing, or so I was told yeasterday when they booked me in for updates next week which might fix it.
  4. DAB Heart Radio doesn't work in Greater London area

    I've picked up a new kadjar in March last year and had trouble with r link from day one. I signed up for account and they didn't authorise it, the dealer said I had a faulty part that was always on backorder, that got fixed by someone authorising my account 2-3 months later after some strongly worded emails to technical support and renault UK. The radio has never been able to keep recieving heart or any other channel (heart is the worst one I've found) without dropping out. After being bounced between technical services and the dealer they have come up with a second lot of updates for the r link and if that doesn't work they will look into replacing the r-link with a new one. The dealer did try and tell me that heart has a problem with renault radios.... but no others. Very strange as that suggests that it's not heart that has a problem. I'll keep you up to date with what happens as it sounds like you have the same problems as I do.