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  1. Dash Cam

    Thanks chas just done the same as you with fitting a Nextbase 412 dash cam all wires hidden away.on the drivers side footwell did you put the cable behind the trim or buy self adhesive clips.
  2. R Link

    Keep your finger on the button for 10 plus seconds.its a brilliant car apart from odd problems here and there with the r link
  3. Alignment and balance

    Hi this might sound stupid tyres have an inner and outer marking on them just look and make sure they say they are both saying the same.i was a tyre fitter for 16 years with Michelin in the 80-90s.

    Hi i have a kadjar from Renault Leicester too which so far is brilliant.my partner has a Clio from there too she had to replace the brakes and disks on the front of her car in June for the mot at 28000 they said 80% worn this seems to be the norm they don’t last more than 30k now we were told.is this true or is it a quick buck for the garage.brakes and disks don’t come under warranty we were told.
  5. This is whats happening

    So I take it we have to rejoin The new forum
  6. Thanks turboted10 all cars have there own little faults I can honestly say I love driving the kadjar it’s a cracking car
  7. Oh really they seem to be working ok to be honest
  8. Hi I’ve had no problems with my kadjar up until today we drove 10 miles to the local supermarket when I got there the radio wouldn’t turn off And the sat nav screen froze.so I decided to drive home as I didn’t want to get a flat battery.on the way back my partner kept her finger on the radio button and it eventually went off.now seems fine and hasn’t done it again.
  9. Polish's, Wax's, Whats your choice ?

    I always polish mine when I first get a new car with autogylm super resin polish then autoglym sealant polish.then wash with there shampoo all by hand never used a car wash yet
  10. More on the roads

    While traveling to Shrewsbury yesterday from Leicestershire I saw so many kadjar’s on the motorways it really is becoming quite a poplar car.i have to say my 1.5 dci really is a lovely car to drive and has loads of pulling power even with 5 adults in.and averaging 57mpg.
  11. New Tyres

    Hi I’ve not replaced mine yet but if Michelin are available at a good price I will go for them as they will be quieter on the road being a soft compound.contis are a hard compound.i suppose it depends what kind of motoring you do etc.motorway,urban.off road.i worked for Michelin for 14 years so I’m probably biased.
  12. My car and changes I made

    Looks smart great number plate too
  13. I can’t believe there are so many people having various problems with the car everything works perfect on mine apart from a little rattle on the drivers door trim.