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  1. After a 5 hour drive my lights are still bad i will be calling them tomorrow to question it again
  2. Reversing camera

    Care to share some more information about your install also the camera you used I know there’s nothing in fitting them I have fitted many on camper vans but the one on eBay comes with a massive control box what’s invold in the coding ? Thanks
  3. This is what I said to the dealer but like most they don’t want to hear it once it happens again I will be filming it and requesting there replacement
  4. Mine is back in for some issues one of them being the headlights misting up they have told me that it’s not an issue if it clears after 15mins of the lights being on I know it’s gref but put your lights on and video it for 15 mins and show them it don’t clear it took 2 days for mine to clear
  5. Reversing camera

    Some guy on eBay
  6. Reversing camera

    They do a kit it’s £250 inc fitting and coding how much did the main dealer charge ? thanks aaron
  7. Hi all the Kadjar has gone in for some basic repairs today and we have been loaned a scenic with a reversing camera now the wife has asked can we have a camera has anyone retro fitted one thanks
  8. Hi All Is there away of delaying the auto locks ? it seams that you take 2 steps away from the car and it locks so you was around the back of the car to get the baby out and then its locks Thanks
  9. New here

    Both very nice mate
  10. New here

    I never said he was I was just comfirming 👍😃
  11. New here

    I never joined to slate the car just to see what other people make of them and get some ideas of what people are doing see I can leave cars alone when these issues are fixed I will be 100% happy with it this is the wife’s car these are my toys
  12. Hi all has anyone changed there head unit I’m not overly impressed with the r link 2 we have the Bose speakers 🔊 been looking at this https://www.bigboyscartoys.com/products/p258
  13. New here

    It’s going in on Monday they asked me to take in on the 19th I laughed and told them I would drop it off Monday and collect my refund apart from the issues it seems to be a lovely car and I’m very surprised with the 1.2 engine 👍
  14. New here

    well picked the car up last night issues windscreen rubber banging on the roof fuel cap don't open properly draft from drivers and passengers door seals headlights misting up someone tell me i done the right thing buying a kadjar