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  1. 80 views and no comments from posting,maybe no one has tried the product or something like it. Unless everyone else have the parking sensors fitted lol If the wee product worked might it save a few £'sss eg £5.99 Might just go ahead and have a gamble on it From Renault Front parking sensors - £210 Rear parking sensors - £235 Cheers folks
  2. Hi everyone Could someone who might be using this little device on their Kadjar tell if it works or not Summit Easipark Reversing Lens priced at £5.99 on ebay Mixed reports but wondering if it would work on the Kadjar for parallel parking Does anyone have it fitted or know anyone who might give me a wee report on it before buying. Shape of Kadjar at back might not let this little peace minder work,seriously hard parallel parking with no help in Kadjar lol and I have been driving 46 years Have to put my hand up and admit it,normally just get a parking space to reverse into or that I can just drive in Hoping for loads of advice
  3. Fuel economy

    Don't know what is happening on those posts lol Must be doing something wrong as reposted turboted10's post lol and then reposted my own
  4. Fuel economy

    I switched the eco off because of the acceleration on take off still stalls a bit with it off but maybe me getting used to car after driving 1.6 golf . Might try turning it on again to see if any better although don't be on the motorways a lot just half decent roads lol
  5. Fuel economy

    I switched the eco off because of the acceleration on take off still stalls a bit with it off but maybe me getting used to car after driving 1.6 golf . Might try turning it on again to see if any better
  6. Hi everyone What is the best and worst fuel economy the owners have found with their Kadjar's Diesel mpg Petrol mpg Motorway driving Urban driving Urban driving School run driving Mixture motorway/urban Mixture good road/urban Rush hour driving Mine is Urban/good road/medium to bad traffic various and I am averaging at moment about 44/45 mpg diesel Dynamique Nav 1.5 dCi 110
  7. Hi there Turboted10 Was thinking the guy talking about the RAC man might not have been on disability and his terms of agreement only went so far.Good to know that motability is there when you need them,I couldn't change a wheel now myself if I tried,end up in hospital probably. Over here it is not RAC but local garage I think,wonder if they do 24/7 You would go to this garage to get a new wheel etc but maybe RAC over here and I just don't see them Cheers for the reply
  8. Seen one on Ebay ALAN1 £100 but prohibitive postage cost over to North of Ireland lol. Same alloys too Only thinking about it as I have Mobility car and it covers punctures but not sure about middle of the night or even after 7 at night.Will read up or phone them "Motability or garage" before I make decision Thanks for photo's and reply though,great forum for hearing about things although I only joined it Cheers
  9. Cheers JC just thinking about it at the moment,don't know if many Kadjars are in for breaking in the scrap yards as so new,maybe some crashed ones but maybe Nissan Qashqai wheels might fit as seems to be nearly a remodel of it on spares parts
  10. Hi everyone Discussion Which do you rate as best A tyre inflation kit Full size spare wheel Space Saver wheel Will a full size spare wheel fit into a Kadjar spare wheel well without the Bose speaker in there I mean a Kadjar without the Bose speaker in the boot Side wall blow out middle of the night tyre inflation kit useless,wait for hours for help from possibly RAC and then they take you to a garage that is closed and you have to wait till morning "Any horror stories of this out there" If you do use it the garages say they have to put a new wheel on because of the junk used with inflation kit when you get to a garage Any ideas out there as was thinking of getting either Full size spare wheel or Space Saver wheel Cheers everyone