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  1. Apple car play

    I picked up my Kadjar yesterday its an ex demo one so registered 31/7/17, its a signature nav bose model. Now I'm looking for apple car play, i can't see the smartphone mirroring icon on the screen at all. Just updated the R link software and maps the the latest version. Am i to assume that the car is a pre May car? How do I work out the manufacturing date of the car? Other than that I'm loving the car at the moment.
  2. Map rollback to old map

    Is there a way of undoing the last map update, in my case going up and down the M5 there are several average speed cameras alerts that wasn't on the old update and are on the new one but the speed cameras have been gone for a few years now. It gets annoying to her the voice saying slow down every couple of minutes. The only other way is to disable average speed cameras.
  3. Up to date roadworks maps would be nice. Since the last update a few weeks ago my map keeps combining up with average speed cameras which have been gone for a few years now on a couple of places on the M5. Before the update they wasn't there. Its as they rolled back an old one.
  4. Latest map update

    Is it just me of is the the new map update a step back wards. I updated it just over a week ago and driving down to cornwall it came up with average speed cameras which is no longer there but the daft one is I drive up to Gloucester most weekends on the M5 since having the car I've had no average speed camera warnings but since the update going to Gloucester its warning about average speed cameras which have been gone for two years and on the way home its warning about ones nr Bridgwater M5 been gone over a year now.
  5. Decided to give it a run through the fields today. Luckily i know the farmer who allows me to park in the top field to fly around.
  6. My Kadjar helping me doing the things I enjoy

    Nope I've flown and made them for years. Ive just bought a big un. ready for when i start to do it commercially later in the year when use taken my pfco.
  7. New here

    Nice toys, this was my old toy I sold it to get this
  8. R-link 2

    I done the same to. It worked fine. Updates all done.
  9. Panoramic roof is gorgeous

    I only picked my KAdjar up yesterday with its panoramic sunroof, i love it it lets so much light in.