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  1. What’s This Symbol

    That great - Thanks guys
  2. Just Recently , I’ve had a symbol come up under the Radio station symbol( almost alongside the 5 on the Rev Counter) , it’s the same as the symbol attached but without the arrow points . Not been able to find what it is online or in the hand book , it only comes up for a second Any ideas ?
  3. What’s This Symbol

    The lower picture symbol comes up without touching anything I’m aware of and unsure what it means
  4. My New Motor

    That’s right , got a kit with car 😉
  5. My New Motor

    Had the Kadjar 2 weeks now , so far so good Gave it it’s first wash today as the sun finally came out
  6. Thanks very much
  7. Hi All, On most of my previous vehicles there has been a procedure with the alarm system relating to when the vehicle is on a ferry so your alarm doesn’t go off if the vehicle moves due to the motion of the Ferry . Not seen anything relating to this in the handbook or online . Do I take it you just lock it as normal ? Thanks
  8. My New Motor

    Looking good Apart from the Life shine treatment it had before I picked it up , I used the Autoglym products that came with the vehicle. Look’s better now than when I picked it up