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  1. Illuminated sill plates

    Thanks Daren, Though I tried several connections by now, I will give it another try tomorrow, maybe I got some thoughts wrong during Installation Ibcan tell more tomorrow
  2. Illuminated sill plates

    Hi guys, I'm here to ask for some hint, I think you are those who could help me. When ordering these sill plates I found this forum and ordered after studying Let me come to my issue: First, I own a 2016 Dacia Duster and last week finally could install the plates, as I could see here I plugged them directly to my inner map/reading light and it worked so far... Well, as soon as I unlock the doors, the sills start glowing, but when I open the door from inside - it doesn't matter whether the engine is still running - the interior lights turn on, but the door sills don't. I can't see another way to get them running... Hope you can Thanks and greets Hermsch