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  1. Hi Callum Have looked at and heard from img you sent. Yes the rachety noise when turning right is very similar to my problem. If you find the answer pl let me know
  2. Hi Callum 62. Mine was at low speed and mostly when turning right but not a rubbing noise. Initially loud rachety noise and now creaking from time to time. Witnessed by Dealer mechanic both left and right but when car booked in could not find. Asked to bring it in again when noise occurs for senior technician to see. I live in hope and before something worse happens. You should get the rubbing checked
  3. Thanks JC. Have done this. Not braked when turning but noise still there. Will speak to Dealer again
  4. My Kadjar Dynamique S Nav Auto is 2 years old and went in for its 2nd service a month ago. A few days after the service there was a severe rachet like noise when the car went left or right mostly the latter. Reported to dealer who could not find problem. Told to bring it back immediately i experienced. Went back when it occurred again took mechanic out who distinctly heard the creaking although not as bad as first time. Car booked in yesterday. They now cannot hear creaking and suggest it may be dust on the brakes. The brakes have never been an issue. This job not covered by warranty cost £126 plus vat. Am reluctant to pay as i have just had a b service and this may not resolve the problem. I asked them to check other things mentioned in similar circumstances on the Forum i.e heat shield rotor steering arm strut but they say they carry out their own checks with experienced technicians. The nlise is intermittent. Any suggestions please?