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  1. You have to mind the max load weight of the roof of the car, so four heavy bikes are probably over the limit. Four very light bikes might fit in under the allowed 75 kg including the rack and holders? Otherwise, one or two foldable bikes might fit into the camping trailer, so there will be only two or three bikes on the roof rack?
  2. Roof bars

    The original Renault bars, do the not have a plunge that engages inte the hole to lock it positively? I dont't know, but this seems the only reason to have these holes there in the first place. The Thule bars I have on my box does not use the holes for anything particular and can be placed where to fit the box the best.
  3. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    But doesn't the Koleos also have the CVT? It may be the future?
  4. Kadjar Facelift 2019

    A CVT in the Chinese Kadjar, will that become the automatic transmission for Europe too?
  5. Acceleration delay in auto

    This is what I wrote in a post a few years ago: "I believe the bus system in Kadjar has irritating and possibly dangerous lags in many different control systems. Maybe the bus system it too slow for all it's chores, or maybe it has programming bugs, driving it into continous loops, where it is blind for other things way too long. The parking sensors delayed response is maybe the most apparent problem. Sometimes they do not start to monitor the obstacles until the are way too close, and all different coloured warning lamps light up simultainesly whith a small "bang". You really have too creep very slowly to not hit anything. Then the gas pedal, sometimes it responds directly, other times it takes a second or so before it tells the engine it's time to accelerate. The automatic transmission mostly shifts at the same speeds when driven softly, but sometimes it seems to be in "sleep mode" and waits much longer to shift. Sometimes the back camera does not turn on, when I put it in reverse. It might turn on after some seconds, but ever so often I have to shift to park and back to reverse to wake up the camera. The speed control does not react directly on reset every time. Sometimes there is a long delay, when the speed is dropping instead of gaining, and then suddenly it takes on a wild acceleration to "catch up"! The automatic headlights do not turn on after going into a completely dark forest road, until after maybe 50-100 down the road. So it goes on and on, and I really fear the day I would need the auto braking radar to be alert! I feel all these lagging together is the main problem with my Kadjar as of now."
  6. Acceleration delay in auto

    I have a similar diesel auto, and I would say that two seconds of hesitant seems a lot. Normally it's not at all that bad, but sometimes it seems like the engine/transmission gets puzzled and hesitates a second before pulling away. It's very annoying but it has happened only a few times during the more than two years I have had it, so it has not been subject to any evaluation by a Renault tech.
  7. Engine Failure hazard

    So what happened to the timing chain, this is surely not normal by any standards?
  8. Engine Failure hazard

    Only 15 000km and a timing chain replacement already? Did you perhaps mean to write 150 000km?
  9. Have you found a good smartphone bracket that fits the Kadjar? Pics would be nice.
  10. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    I am positive the seats are fake leather (vinyl). British cars have a much longer and stronger tradition of leather seats in cars than Swedish cars, and I believe they think vinyl will have to do for us.
  11. Reasons to get a new Kadjar

    I don't think the seats are the same in the Kadjar as in the QQ. But the seat heating is certainly not very good in the Kadjar leather (vinyl?) seats. I have not felt this slow seat heating in any other car, and then all cars have heated seats here in Sweden.
  12. LED headlights

    There is not a big problem with snow, but the salted winter roads really make dirt cover the headlights until they burn like a faint candle. I was a little woried myself when I bought the car with LED headlights, but it's usually fine. But I have the headligt cleaner also. The heated windscreen on the other hand gave me a positive surprise of how efficient it is. It's nothing like a slow rear window demister at all, it heats away hard ice in a minute or two and you can then just wipe it off with no effort. I believe all cars in Sweden are sold with high pressure headlight washers, be it H4, H7, Xenon or LED, as well as heated front seats. And winter tyres are mandantory during winter. And all who have access to an electric outlet close where they park have a block heater installled as well.
  13. It could be that a rear light rubber gasket is not seated right.
  14. Here I found a short description of DRL history: https://www.motorists.org/issues/dlr/history/
  15. Reasons not to buy a Kadjar

    The lack of 4wd together with automatic transmission is a strange decision. Toyota RAW 4, Subaru Forester, Ford Kuga, Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V, KIA Sportage, Mitsubishi Outlander, and a lot of others all give you the possibility to combine 4wd with automatic transmission. What's the problem with the QQ/Kadjar powerline that prevents this?
  16. Crome grill

    I think the chrome grill looks just fine.
  17. Roof bars

    I have the Thule bars. They are fine too. They can be placed more freely lengthwise than the original, that I believe must align with the holes on the inside of the railings.
  18. Qashqai Convert

    I believe it's the Qasqai +2 (7-seater) that has the proper 17" spacesaver, not just any Mk2.
  19. Automatic headlights

    I would say that's not a solution, but a work-around.
  20. Automatic headlights

    My main complaint with the automatic headlights is that they do not light up the mmain beams until 30 mph/45kmph. I want full light even when driving on narrow and winding forest roads to properly see the moose and deer that lurks in the dark, and 20 mph/30kmph would be more suitable. I guess there is no way to get this, without a major update release of the car software?
  21. Latest map update

    Could you do it while driving the car?
  22. New member

    I believe the infamous high front wing edges is part of the good side wind handling, together with the integrated roof rails, they break the side winds without creating lift. The Edgy Renault 16 from the 60's did the same thing with the sharp front wing edges and the recessed bonnet center, and it also had the raised edges along the roof sides. And, it went straight like an arrow through heavy side winds.
  23. Hello all Kadjar Owners

    I think the front wings are too high for good visibility close to the kerb, and this is maybe the main irritation I feel when driving the Kadjar. But, if this is the worst issue on a car, maybe it's not such a bad place to be anyway?
  24. Hello all Kadjar Owners

    We have had snow this winter like you have never seen, and the Kadjar drives just fine on the snow. But then nobody would use summer tyres here during the winter. There may be some major and minor points you might want to criticise the Kadjar on, but driving on snow is not one of them, at least not when using proper winter tyres.
  25. Locking reardoor

    The rear door unlocks automatically when you lift it with the handle, and have the key in the pocket. Try and lock the car, and put the key well out of reach from the car, and see if the rear door can be opened then?