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  1. R Link 2 Help

    Thanks Johnbridge, I'll give that link a whirl. I've tried lots of things now. R link help desk are on to it too, been a pain as I've missed map updates now thanks mate
  2. R Link 2 Help

    Hi, apologies if this is elsewhere, I did try a search but all the help I found didn't cover this. My car copies the r link to the USB fine, but whenever I plug the USB into my laptop (I've tried 2 different laptops) the Download toolbox doeant do anything. The red X remains in the corner as if the USB has never been plugged in. The laptop identifies the USB immediately so I know that did is working, any help greatly appreciated. I did find out on here how to get the r-link seriel number form the car off here which helped me create my r-link account, but have hit this huge brick wall. I can't update my system