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  1. R-Link 2 checksum is invalid

    Here's hoping somebody can help me with this. I have used a brand new 32GB memory stick(flashdrive). I inserted this memory stick into my Kadjar(67 plate) and the R-LINK folder was automatically placed onto it. Then,following the instructions I inserted this stick into my laptop, and started the downloads.This "seemed" to be done correctly, If I open the R-LINK folder on my memory stick I can see loads of these "mappackage_tt_FEU_mid_2017_12-part1" Next I inserted the memory stick into the USB slot on my car,it started by stating "preparing installation" then "Validation checksum" followed by "checksum failed". I reinserted the memory stick into my laptop & R-LINK wanted to re-upload the map of Europe. Now I am at a total & complete loss.
  2. Has anybody had any problems with the R-Link 2 maps updates? I have followed the instructions given by Renault,but when I try to download maps on to a flash drive I reach a % then it stops downloading & I have to keep restarting the download.So far I have reached 97% then have to start from scratch again and again. Seriously thinking about not bothering with it.