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  1. I have been attmpting to update the maps via the R-Link 2 site,it always stopped downloading the maps to my flashdrive. I sent a message to Renault who arranged for someone from easyconnect to phone me,which he did. His advice was " if you have a wireless connection and the internet"drops" the download will fail,so connect your computer to your router with an ethernet cable" So following the easyconnect persons advice I connected to my router with an ethernet cable and actually managed to download 97% of the map update only for the download to fail........................................................again!!!!!!. I restarted the download and was gobsmacked to see that the download had dropped to 43%,the download continued...........................then stopped again,restarting it and the donload had dropped to 27%. I used online chat & told Renault about the problems & that their R-Link 2 needs scrapping or redesigning and how badly Renault are letting their customers down. When my maps on the satnav become unusable I will be using Google maps. Thanks for nothing Renault.
  2. R-Link 2 Map updates

    Like many others,I could not download the map updates,beyond a certain percentage. I sent Renault a message informing them that I,along with many others,could not update the maps. Renault phoned me today(03/01/19 and arranged for someone from Easyconnect to phone me and discuss the problem & talk me through a way to download & update the maps. Only putting this on here in case anybody else could make use of this.
  3. Polish's, Wax's, Whats your choice ?

    I have found the Demon range to be good. I use Demon clean for the interior,does a decent job of it & leaves a nice,subtle citrus fragrance,Demon snow foam shampoo,Demon wheel & tyres cleaner,Demon shine and demon shot either added to the washer bottle or diluted and used as the only screen cleaner. Saying that I do use Meguiars ultimate paste wax every 3 months,along with Rainx on the windscreen side windows & headlights.
  4. Like many of you, I have a 67 plate Kadjar Bose. The R-Link2 display notified me that there was an update,along with a map update, and I tried(being the operative word) to do the updates,only for the downloads to fail. My car went in for service today & the salesman told me that there were a lot of problems with the system & not even the garage could install the updates. So I brought 2 new 32GB flashdrives(I needed them anyway)I actually managed to download 90% of the map update before it failed......................again. Me being as stubborn as I am, I am going to keep trying,but am not holding my breath. I wonder if I can use Google Maps,or some other navigation app,on the system,via my phone.
  5. Repeated post in error
  6. Like many of you, I have a 67 plate Kadjar Bose. The R-Link2 display notified me that there was an update,along with a map update, and I tried(being the operative word) to do the updates,only for the downloads to fail. Is it possible to use an alternative navigation app,via my phone,on the R-Link 2 system?
  7. R-Link 2 checksum is invalid

    Here's hoping somebody can help me with this. I have used a brand new 32GB memory stick(flashdrive). I inserted this memory stick into my Kadjar(67 plate) and the R-LINK folder was automatically placed onto it. Then,following the instructions I inserted this stick into my laptop, and started the downloads.This "seemed" to be done correctly, If I open the R-LINK folder on my memory stick I can see loads of these "mappackage_tt_FEU_mid_2017_12-part1" Next I inserted the memory stick into the USB slot on my car,it started by stating "preparing installation" then "Validation checksum" followed by "checksum failed". I reinserted the memory stick into my laptop & R-LINK wanted to re-upload the map of Europe. Now I am at a total & complete loss.
  8. Has anybody had any problems with the R-Link 2 maps updates? I have followed the instructions given by Renault,but when I try to download maps on to a flash drive I reach a % then it stops downloading & I have to keep restarting the download.So far I have reached 97% then have to start from scratch again and again. Seriously thinking about not bothering with it.